Went to go see Ponykins yesterday. He's still doing great, and as usual, he greeted me like this:

And Bella seemed happy to see me as well.

I couldn't stay for long because I had to go babysit my sister's kiddos but I had enough time to groom him and give him a few treats. He was filthy and covered in mud from head to hoof, plus his hooves were nasty and he had gained about 5 inches because of mud. :P

He also got to model Patches' new blanket. I had to see what size he needed so I can order him a new one because he's currently in a 72" inch and it's so not working. :)) The 76" fit well so I'll be splurging in the next couple days before our next cold wave hits. For now it's in the upper 60's so I'm not worried. ;)

Look at how ashamed he is.

We also attempted to take a decent selfie but the light in the barn stinks.
Muddy eye.

My friend is officially in love with Tucker.

What happened to Quarter's having small ears??

I scheduled a photoshoot with a friend of mine, "L", who lives out in Greeneville, far far away. Okay, like, an hour away. We've known each other online for quite awhile but haven't met in person yet, so we decided to meet up, get her to do a photoshoot with the ponies and go for a ride. She's totally fallen in love with Tucker from the photos, he looks like one of her old horses', so I'm sure we'll manage to get her on him, haha. Photoshoot, depending on weather, will be on the saturday after Christmas. We'll be doing some English stuff, Western stuff and tackless stuff. It'll be a good day. :)


  1. What a cutie! Have fun at the photo shoot!

  2. Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see the results of the photoshoot :)