Not My Idea Of A Happy Visit.

Went in the barn and knew something was off.

Red didn't nicker at me like always, he didn't run to me, he hardly even looked. He looked and turned back to his feed. Normally, he'd pause from eating, make sure I was next to him, and continue. Today?? He didn't even want to walk. He's stiff in his right front, of course. My day has stunk and this just was the icing on the cake. My poor baby was so, so, so stiff. No heat in the hooves, no swelling, nada. I personally think it's from the stress of the parade and walking on so much concrete. "A" said she just noticed it but on most days, she gets there late and the horses are already down at the barn to eat so she doesn't really see him walk, it was probably a slow thing. Maybe arthritis, maybe just the cold, but mom and I both are thinking the parade.

He immediately cheered up when I got him out of the barn. We gave him some treats with bute and put stuff on his legs for the stiffness, within 5 minutes he was acting better and I didn't have to force him to walk, he was stiff but content with walking by me and even got in a trot, all on his own. Not bad, but still very stiff.

I hadn't been there for a week and he made it obvious that he either A. missed me or B. missed the treats I give him because his ears perked up, his eyes followed me everywhere and as soon as the pain subsided, he was following me everywhere. I know some people say that horse's don't love us back, but that is complete garbage. My horse doesn't do that with anyone else.

"A" just sent me a message about four minutes ago and said he ran up the hill for hay as soon as she turned him out. Phew!!

I'll be honest, when I got to the barn, I cried. Today. Today has just stunk really bad. This week has stunk really bad. Then I get to my place of relaxation and my horse is hurting. Urghhh......hearing the good news about him galloping to hay makes me happy.

I'm going to give him a few days off of work just in case. No riding this weekend, Saturday is NASTY and rainy plus we have a christmas party with family from Florida, Sunday is a visit day for grooming and checking on him, I may take him for a walk around to check him out. Probably. I'll probably go out every day of the week just to make sure he's cool, if all goes like I think it will, back to work on the next weekend.
After the bute. Can you tell he was feeling much better? And this was what he did as soon as he wanted to walk, stayed behind me EVERYWHERE I walked, and kept his shoulder right there. Just a creeper creepin'. Mom said I had a stalker. I said I had a puppy.  Andddd do y'all see how HUGE his star is now?


  1. Poor guy, hope he feels better soon. :(

  2. I hope Red is feeling much better tomorrow! It isn't fun to go see your horsey and find him in pain or what not. =(

  3. Im so sorry you had such a bad day. Its really hard to see your horse in pain, especially after a hard day. Sending hugs your way.