She ran callin' Wildfire.

The song has absolutely zero things in common with this post other than it's horse related. But it's stuck in my head. Enjoy the random title.

Went back out to give Spirit meds in the rain. Red was nasty and ready to eat, already in the barn. Went in, brushed his mane out and didn't even bother with his body because it was going to keep raining and it would be no use. It was warm and not gonna get too cold so he wouldn't be freezing. I've decided to dedicate every day this week that's possible to simple training. Just bonding. Once I was done with his mane and tail, I got a few treats and went back in. We started with his "yes" and "no" trick, then his "stretches". I tap him on the side of his stomach, a few inches before his flank area, and tell him "stretch" to the left or right, whichever I decide on, and he does it correctly 80% of the time. It'll help with the bridleless training as well so he's softer to lead with just a rope and later on, with just my vocal cues.


Once we were done with that, we worked on the hug command. He knew the vocal, but I wanted him to do it with a simpler cue. What I do is get on either side, wrap one of my arms around my stomach/waist area and hold my other hand out. He's pretty much perfected that one. For the kiss command, I raise one hand up in the air and put the other next to my mouth. For the bow, I tap his upper chest.

I was going to try and get mom to takes videos of them, but she has a killer migraine and was pretty much lifeless I decided against it. ;) ;)

Once I was done with that stuff, I picked his hooves out, got all of the dirt and, yes, poop, out and he lost about 3 inches of height.

"I wanted to be TALL"

Because according to Red, 15.1HH isn't tall enough. But YES it is because it's the perfect height for a little rodeo horsey :)

Spirit took his meds like a gentleman. Got fresh water, hay and grain. He's been a bit antsy in the stall obviously but he's actually done really well with stuff and hasn't been a jerk.
Here he is, licking my special "treat" pocket, always keep the treats on that side and he KNOWS it!

I chilled out on the ground with him again tonight. He was even more social and cuddly. In the past few days, I've seen a difference. He's happier when I get there and sadder when I leave. He's more social around me. Although he's obviously not just ignoring other people, I don't want him to ignore other people. He still needs to be sweet and social but I want us to have the best bond. I want him to know that I'm his owner, but most importantly, I'm his friend and his partner. My visits don't always mean work work work but when they do, I don't want him to dread that either.

His new thing is looking at himself in the phone camera when it's facing us, and wrapping his head around my head when I'm sitting. He also has an obsession with my jacket collar...creepy pony......

Hoping to ride tomorrow if it's not too muddy. Will be visiting around the same time, I'd imagine. Probably in the morning, too.

Finishing my handmade saddle pad cover tonight!!


  1. That last picture is really funny. He is very expressive, lol.

    1. Oh, I know. He has the biggest goof ball faces I've ever seen on a horse. :))