I sit on the throne of lies.

I've been a slacker on the past couple days. I've actually been to the barn more than once every day for the past week+ and I just haven't posted about those visits because I'm lazy and of course I catch another cold the day after I'm completely over the last one. Urgh.

But Red has just been my angel and my blanket for when I'm at the barn when it's under 20 degrees. Some bad stuff happened yesterday but we'll back-track to the day before so we can catch up together. ;)


Stayed super cold all day. No way I was going to be able to ride, not because of the coldness but because I was running like a chicken with it's head cut off all day. I managed to squeeze in two barn visits but I had to prepare for a party, babysit, finish stuff for the parade, check on Spirit, etc. And it never got above 40 degrees.

I managed to get Red groomed, made sure he didn't need a blanket, feed him and get some snuggles in. I was tempted to hop on him bareback for a few minutes but I ended up having to ledve in a bit of a rush during the first visit. On the second visit, it was dark outside and about 20 degrees and no way am I riding.

When we got there, all of the horses were out in the 4 acres so we helped get them in. Red saw me and was like "OH HEY IT'S MOM!" and ran straight to me, he wanted to get in the barn before he was allowed and he didn't have a halter, but I got him back out without too much fuss and once he realized that I was staying outside, he just chilled next to me. Spirit was already stalled because of his injury so he wasn't hard, lol.
Filthy, filthy, filthy horse.

Went in, let him chill out in the barn while I went to grab a few treats and my grooming supplies. As usual he sniffed out the treats but didn't get too pushy with it because he knows he gets them at the end unless we're working on something on the ground. Spent extra time with his forelock, mane and tail because it was caked with mud. By the end, it was shiny and pretty. His tail hair is growing back and starting to lay, so I'm hoping that this winter we'll have a fresh start and I'll be able to keep him from rubbing it this Summer, first summer I actually know what I'm doing. Crazy because we're so close to our 2 year mark already.
No edit because his hair is so shiny.

He got the day off of his trick training. I like to work on small stuff like that a couple days of the week and let him be a typical lazy horse the rest of the time so I don't overload his brain, haha.
He looks unhappy, but I swear he was falling asleep on my shoulder, lol..

Such a pretty guy.

Then Jericho showed off his party tricks before I fed and we called it a day.

 Every day he's smilin'

 Guess who jumped a fence and ripped his stitches? SPIRIT. That's who stinkin' jumped a fence and ripped his stitches. He started acting colicy and stressed out from being in the stall, which he does every time he's on lock-down, so we let him out in the safest pasture,also the smallest, where we could watch him carefully and he could get exercise. We were super busy and doing really important stuff, going to meetings and etc that day. We get a call. Spirit jumped the fence, some of his stitches came out. Urgh. Got there when it was about 20 degrees, of course, and he came right over. Not too bad, nothing was bleeding or horrible. Mom was able to fix him up. He's turned out again. Doing fine. It wasn't fun to medicate it.
Walk of shame.

Red was a delight, though.
A sleepy, big boned and fuzzy delight.

Monday: (well, today, haha)

Checked on Spirit early, let him run around some and burn off energy, medicated him. Went by again this evening, he's fine. Cuddled with Redman and his girlfriend. Stayed for about 30 minutes until we literally started feeling awful because of the weather on top of my cold. Coldest day of the week and we were there eeaaarlyyy. Mom went out while I watched the kids in the car, but after a minute I walked out and we traded places. Red saw me, ran to me and we cuddled.
He looks so fluffy now. :P

While we were chillin' like villains, Hercules (or "Stoney") decided to go run and buck and rear with the others which was fun to watch. Didn't get a photo of the fact, but did get this one afterwards-
Stoney is the black and white TWH.

Then we took some selfies.

GROW forelock growwwww....but I love his liquid eye.

And Annabelle joined us.


Then Tucker came to ruin everything between Red and I like always and he tried to chase him away until he realized that I was so not gonna let him hurt my horse again and I ran him off.
"Psh, I'm so pretty, I'd NEVER hurt your precious fat pony."

Probably heading back this evening to go help feed. Not sure. Depends.

It's almost Thanksgiving and I'm excited to go stuff my face full of food. Last year I snuck Red some apple pie. (Like, literally a bite, no worries, not gonna make him colic, LOL) I'm tempted to do it again this year. Hmm.

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