Oy vey.

Mom went to the barn alone this morning since it was pouring down rain and freezing. I got babysitting duty. Red's blanket was halfway off and the poor boy was shivering like crazy. She fixed his blanket and made sure he was alright, everything's fine, just wet and cold. :( The other horses were acting up and being HORRIBLE, but Red walked slowly right to mom and let her fix him up. Spirit looks good now, a little bit of puffiness but nothing out of the norm or worrisome.

Went back to the barn tonight in the dark/rain/cold. All of the horses are stalled tonight because it's supposed to snow and their blankets were all soaked and muddy. Red was filthy but not shivering anymore.
All majestic. (Photo taken by mom as he watched me at the gate outside the barn. :))

He was literally CAKED in mud but he wasn't cold anymore so I dealt with it. :)) Gave hay, fed and groomed him for a solid 35 minutes. He was being a sweetheart as usual and came over as soon as he saw me. Pretty much just had a super long and intense grooming session.


Afterwards we did a few tricks, gave him some treats and just hung out for awhile. He's doing so well with the different tricks and cues. He knows his directions now, so when I say "left side" he'll put his head to the left side of his stomach and vice versa..he nods "Yes" when I ask him if he wants a treat, hay, food or water. He hugs when I cross my arm and will actually move to the other side if I cross the other arm. Doing SOO much better with the backing on the ground, finallyyyyy...

Will be back every other day this week, including Thanksgiving since Spirit needs meds. It'll just be another late visit. Hoping to ride on Saturday and/or Sunday if the weather permits.
His butt sure is pretty.

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