Christmas is coming!

Spirit's doing super well. Was over yesterday and this morning, twice yesterday, once so far today since it's raining. :P I'm still fighting off the flu or whatever it was. No more fevers but aches and chills at day 8 of being sicky. They come, they go, I lay in bed, I get up and do stuff I shouldn't do and then feel worse.

Anyways, Spirit is a good medicine taker and with some apples, we barely had to bribe him to take his TEN-or FIVE I can't remember, mom is the medicine giver for him, LOL-antibiotic pills and half of a bute. (Half a bute in the morning, half a bute in the night) He's eating/drinking super well, no puffiness, hardness or heat in the stitching area. No discomfort so far but obviously we've been pumping him with meds so that could be the reason.

Yesterday's second visit was fun for me. Red was in the barn so he was fed, I waited for him to finish and did some training. Started with backing, which didn't work, lol. We moved on to bowing, which he almost has down. He'll lower his knee down for me but not his head, instead he'll just put it to the side. Kissing is almost done, he just needs to do it without treats. He did it once without the treat yesterday. Hugging is done. The new one that came about yesterday is saying "yes" and "no". I had the treat and he was nodding, so I decided to make it into a trick and by the time I left, he was doing it on command when I asked him if he wanted a treat. Such a smart boy.

After a few minutes I just sat down on the floor and chilled out with him. He followed me everywhere and he decided that he would sidepass and back up if I was on the ground? Lol.
Blurry but he's adorable. Coming to see me.

Uhhh....I doubt this is considered "safe" but I'm pretty sure he won't run into me and he was super gentle as always so, safety people, you shall be ignored, LOL.

99.9% of our training, other than backing and sidepassing which I use a lead rope and nothing else for, is being done while he's tackless. I want him to want to do it for me, not just make him do it.....I don't do liberty at all, but I don't want him to hate seeing me and automatically think my visits=work.

On another note, it's pretty obvious to everyone that shows up at the barn that day that my horse and I have a bond and I'm really proud of it. He's so willing now, follows me around like a puppy and is willing to do stupid tricks for me, even without treats. ;) ;) There's nothing better than walking into a barn, even if you have a saddle, and your horse runs up to you or whinnies or something.
He had just licked my face..

His star has grown a ton again this Winter.

I also finished like 99.9% of my Christmas parade shopping yesterday. The rest of the stuff will be for myself. Other than the sweater I'm wearing above, I have no red or green. I'm not gonna tell y'all what we're doing because it's a secret! I'm really happy with everything though and the majority of the stuff is handmade because I'm really cheap.
Red and Jericho.