A year ago today I became a real horse owner. I had owned a miniature, Barbie, beforehand, but obviously I couldn't ride a 30 inch tall mini. For years, I had wanted a big horse. A real one that I could ride. I had begged, searched for the horse, proved that I was responsible enough, that I could help pay, I'd work for them, which was all good, but in the end we just didn't have the room and we really didn't want to board the horse because there wasn't a place near us, or so we thought, and we couldn't afford the average boarding rate of $350+ a month.
Then, we went on a family vacation to Florida and I was invited on a trail ride along with my mother and step-dad. My aunt and her kids, a little older than myself, had to rehome some of their horses after financial difficulty and sadly, Red, the horse they put me on, had to go. It was difficult, getting rid of him. They had him for years, practically since he was a baby, and they loved him so much. But, they had to rehome some and Red just had to leave. I didn't know, but my Aunt was asking my mom if she could take Red. Mom had horses all her life as well, so she wanted to, but we just didn't think we could. But, mom decided to let me ride him, and not tell me her plan, see how we clicked and what she thought of Red. She had met him several times but never really paid attention.

Long story short, we got him after a hard time catching him, as he wasn't a fan of that, tacked up and left. I fell in love. I really wanted him. He was 15 HH at the time, now he's about 15.2'ish..he has odd growth spurts, lol. Not really what I pictured myself with but I really liked him. When we left, I begged mom. Please, let me try. Please, let's just try and see if we could do it. A week later, we were back home and went to a rodeo full of Quarters. I pointed out all of the Bay's and pretty much begged some more. The next day, I found out we were taking him. The conversation wasn't the nicest in the beginning. Mom started with, "We can't keep Barbie." and ended with, "Stop crying, you look horrible." Needless to say, it was bittersweet but I was excited. I loved Barbie a lot, but in all honesty, she couldn't take me where I wanted to go. We were at a standstill and while we had a bond, I helped her and she helped me, I needed and was ready for something better.
July 2012
To make this very long story even shorter, he came home on September 4th. I cried as the trailer pulled up. The first few days were hectic and I lived in his stall. I brushed him a good 50 times a day, I stayed in the pasture. I took my homework-homeschoolers unite!-to the pasture and spent time with him. I gave him treats. We fed him 3 times a day, once at about 5 AM when it was still dark, once around 3 and once around 11. I woke up bright and early every day to go see him. I didn't ride him for a few weeks, but that was fine. He needed to settle. We ended up having to board, that was hard, but seeing how happy he was to be part of a herd again made it worth it. 
The day he moved. Running to me as I left.
I cried when I watched him run freely, I hadn't seen him do that before. 

A year later, here we are. Still trail riding, still working on that gait of his, feeding less, still taking tons of photos every time I see him, the bond hasn't gone away and the thrill hasn't faded. Everyone said it was a phase and didn't expect me to still be this crazy after so long, haha, they thought wrong.
Little less than a year ago.
July 8th.
My EQ has improved, his gait has improved, my physical ability has improved, his has improved. I wish I had a better "after shot" but I don't have a good in action, new photo in the saddle, need to get more. Since my time has been so limited I've been riding bareback.
This past fall, I believe.
The other day.

Can't wait to see where we're at next year.

PS:  I was told the other day that Red was used as a cattle horse before my aunt bought him. Interesting. :)) Also, was told that he maybe cantered 3 or 4 times with them when they had him for over 5 years so I think all he needs is tons of work, muscle gain in his back and etc and his gait will get better. Tips?

Oh, forgot to post these photos I took this morning at the barn!


  1. Why is you blog so fun to read!?! It is making me have horse withdrawal, cuz I can't ride or anything because my instructor messed up her shoulder. Oh well, it really is a fun blog! :)

    1. Aw, I appreciate that! Thank you. :) I hope you get to ride again soon!

  2. I am so glad you found each other.
    It is so nice to see people out there having their horse as a friend instead of just, "their horse". =) I can see you and Red are close. =)

    1. Thank you. :) That was the first thing I made sure I had, a bond. Having a horse means nothing unless there is friendship and love, in order for them to give you their all they need that.

  3. I don't know if this will help, but heres some links on cantering:

    By the way, I too am a homeschooler! Yah!

    1. Thanks!! I will look at those!! :)
      Yay homeschoolers!