Because I can.

And because some of my followers have emailed a request to do another tag.
1: What color is your favorite saddle pad? Red. Matches our stuff. :)

2: What is your favorite brand of saddle?
I love my Circle Y.

3: One thing on your tack-shop lust-list?
SMB boots and a new saddle. Need a bigger saddle.... Using a 14 inch now.

4: Do you have any quirks, traditions, or little things you do before you ride at home?
I grab my camera and make sure it's charged enough, haha. Not really any quirks!

5: Do you have any quirks, traditions, or little things you do before you ride at a show?

6: What type of horse personality do you work the best with?
I really like chill, relaxed horses. Good ground manners, but I don't like overly lazy. So eager and willing to please, nice, I suppose.

7: Barn dogs, yay or nay?
As long as they are well behaved, love them.

8: Barn cats, yay or nay?
Ditto to the dog question.

9: Do you clean your own stalls?
Typically A does it because she has a routine down and doesn't like people to mess it up, lol, but I will gladly clean stalls anytime.

10: Have you ever worked in a barn?
No. But I help at mine..

11: Ever done a working student position?
Not yet.

12: Ever been somewhere REALLY cool to ride?
Riding on the trails in Florida was fun!!Not really super cool but the sand was awesome on their feet and we went through fun woods.

13: Name the most fun horse you're ridden.
Probably the horse I rode the other day, my cousin in laws...I think we cantered/galloped the whole time. So smooth and such a blast!

14: Are your parents/guardians "show moms/dads/insert other parental/guardian titles here"?
I don't show, but they are very supportive and happy to help me out, they would be if I showed.

15: What's your favourite kind of bit?
Don't use a bit on Red but I like wonder bits. :)

16: Do you think you want to make a career out of riding?
The reality is that there isn't a lot of money that I could make out of horses, in my area especially, so, while I'd love to, no.

17: Do you ever wish you weren't into horses?Never. It was hard for me when I couldn't have one, but it's part of me and makes me who I am.

18: How do you feel about cross training horses?
Love it.

19: What's you favourite exercise to do at home?
With my horse? Or me? Hahaha. Love to work in the round pen, recently I've enjoyed cantering and trotting in the round pen to improve Red's gait. :) I like to run. ;)

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