"Stop trying to eat my foot."

Yesterday was eventful to say the least. Busy day and a busy time at the barn. Stopped by to pay board and ending up helping A and J get the horses down to the barn to eat. Annabelle had to be tied. Recently found out she had a case of EPM, rather bad. She's doing okay, but we'd like for her to gain weight and she has some other issues.

Anyways, chilled in Red's stall with him while he ate. Groomed him out, made him pretty. Worked on bowing, as well, the newest trick I'm attempting. He kept trying to nibble on my shoe.

I had plans to hop on bareback but it never happened because we were so busy. That's alright, though. We had a busy riding week last week....he was acting great so I would've loved to take advantage but every now and then it's nice to come and just hang out.

We pretty much sat around and took pictures, to be honest. He's currently not on any skin meds other than the occasional MTG and listerine in his mane/tail, so he's doing great. Woohoo!

I'm really excited about how shiny he is right now too..he's looking good.

Pretty sure he was rather content with cuddles and treats as opposed to riding. ;) I would be too..

We sat and worked on bowing for a little awhile then I focused on detangling his tail. So nasty. :P I don't brush it out as much because the hair comes out so much in the Summer from the sweet itch and it looks worse after a brushing, but it was caked with mud, sooo..... He sat still for it. Good horse.

After that I lead him back to his current pasture and let him off the lead. We played for a few minutes and he trotted after me a couple times. :) Then he saw his girlfriend and it was allllll over.

Riding tomorrow, either early or later in the evening. Depends. Possibly our last real ride until the vacation is over, other than a bareback ride in between possibly. Gotta start planning/packing. :P


  1. His coat is looking good! :) I love the picture when he is closing his eyes. So cute.

  2. I've been so busy I haven't had time to read blogs!! Thanks for the sweet comment about Wiz! And Red really does look fantastic, his coat and weight :)

    1. I know how that feels. :)) I've just now got all caught up on my blog reading! Thank you! :) I'm proud of him!