Yeah, I was going to wait until September 21st-first day of Fall-to do this but, we'll be in FL then and my blogging may be off for a little while, so thought I'd do a post/recap. New things will be added in bold text. Things that no longer belong in the list will be crossed out.
File:SWOT en.svg

 Red is a sound horse. Physically and mentally.  This is still truth, so says the vet and me. She said he's in perfect condition.
He is willing. Even more so.
My family and friends are supportive. Yep.
I have all of the needed tack, therefor I have to spend less money. This is actually TRUE. I'm still content with my tack, amazingly.
Money wise, we're in good shape. Obviously something could happen and we need more money, but we're ready as can be. Yep!
Coming soon, I'll be able to ride more often and work more.  Please, come sooner..
 Red's gait is FINALLY coming along and I feel like I know why it's been so rough. (new post later on that)
I have more horse friends. With trailers. Woo
I have the ability to ride other horses to work on my own EQ and develop a better seat off of Red.
Buck Brannaman - The Warmblood Horse www.thewarmbloodhorse.com

I don't have a trailer, nor does my family want one right now. This makes showing etc hard. Horse friends=Trailers. I have help now.
Money for showing? Really tight. Too frivolous right now.   Sadly this is still truth.
I am not in tip-top shape. I need to get in shape. I'm out of breath after an hour of riding, and that's just walking. THIS is improving. I've lost five pounds since I began running awhile back and I feel better, woot!!
Red's trot is rough, we need to work on it. This is getting better as well, I believe I've found ways to help and just why it is.
Red is stubborn. Doesn't follow cues thoroughly and quickly. Also improving as we both learn.
Time. This will be getting much better soon.

everyone always has something to learn

Can ride other horses at barn, including Spirit who can help me out for the training I want to do. This is still true however I'm less eager to do it. I believe Red can take me where I want to go.
Ability to go and work-out to get in better shape. Yep! Been running more..
People at barn willing to help. 100% true.
Red is always willing and he would be the perfect show horse as for bomb-proof-ness and physical ability. Still true.
I have more people to ride with/trailer with.

Big Chex To Cash, Quarter Horse
Budgeting. This has improved.
Time. Improving slowly.
No trailer. Still don't have one but I have more friends with them.
As always, the soundness of horses. He's 100% perfect now but anything could ruin that! Yep.
Starting from scratch with my previous bucking horse. Of course this is always going to be true but my previous cattle/bucking/western pleasure/lesson horse is improving a lot!!
 Love this picture that mom took tonight. :) He followed me around the pasture everywhere. Love him so much
 All in all, a lot of improvements! I'm excited to see how we'll improve this Fall.

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