Once in a blue moon.

Every now and then, literally once in a blue moon, I get to ride another horse other than my own. Almost all of my cousin's ride/own horses, including my cousin "in law". She currently has two horses for sale, one mare, which you'll see below, and her baby, a little filly yearling named Roxie. She has three(?) other horses and boards about 45 minutes away from us, so when my mom decided to buy one of her headstalls she was selling, we decided to pick it up at her barn and go say hello to the ponies, which we'd been wanting to do for awhile.

We stopped at each stall, then she brought out her little Quarter Horse colt, a gorgeous Buckskin named Frankie (Or Frank, lol!) one of the most amazing colts I've ever seen. SO muscular!!

Anyways, at the end we decided to tack up the mama mare, "Red leather pants", and I hopped on. :) She assured me that her trot and canter was really smooth, and within ten minutes of a trot, I was cantering around the arena and I barely felt like I was moving. It was really, really smooth and fun. Goodness, I so wish Red had a gait like that.

Ignore my EQ, stirrups were a tad long and thicker than I was used to. Anyways, I really can't express how fun this horse is. Her gait was amazing, she listened to her cues easily, and she was really in her zone when cantering. I'm not a mare person at all, but if i had the money, man I'd buy her in a heartbeat. :))

We cantered around the little arena for a little awhile. It makes me feel good about my skills when I can canter for a solid 30 minutes without breaking a sweat and feeling like I'm going to fall. I wouldn't trade my horse for the world, he has tons of potential and his gait WILL improve more, but man, sometimes trotting him for two seconds wears me out.

She also spins. Yep. Spins! And her turns, I swear I'm not trying to talk her up so one of you guys will buy her, but geeze, she was so smooth.
Just ignore my face.....

It made me realize what exactly I need to work on with Red AND I as well, need to work on his own turns, cues, I need to work on a cue just for cantering because my "cue" right now is kicking until he gets the gist and goes. It helped my confidence level as well. Knowing that I CAN do this and I just need to work on it more.

We HAVE to start on more hill work, trot poles and work into cavalettis. Or we won't get to where I want. I'm not expecting his gait to improve over a day, but I believe it can. Just gotta work with it more.

Got Jeff to take some videos as well, well, he did it without me asking, good horse dad. :) Just to let y'all know, there are THREE DIFFERENT videos!! They look the same for some reason because I had to use clips from one video to post on Instagram. So watch all three. :)


  1. Man, I like the length of your hair! And your hair looks really nice in the last picture. =)

    1. Thank you! :) Haha! I had felt pretty bad yesterday and hadn't done anything with it so this made me smile, lol!