A pony is a childhood dream, a horse is an adulthood treasure-Rebecca Carroll

                      All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me any day.

 As y'all know, the vet came out today. All we needed to get done is coggins and vaccines, so it was a quick visit. Went out and helped with the others, then it was Spirit's turn. He did awful. :P Ended up having to walk him away and make him work a little before we finished. Vet said that he is around 8, which we thought, the previous owners said that he was ballpark that age. He looks good, could use some muscle. Vet checked him over and he's doing great.


Red was sandwiched in between Bay and Annebelle so I had to make him back to get him out of the run in, lol. He did good with it though. First time I've gotten him to back without a crop and someone else to push. :)) :)) Walked him up and asked the vet what she thought of his weight. She said she would rate him at about a 6 in weight. His muscles had defined nicely and she was impressed at how he has improved since last time.

We told her about his sweet itch, which she noticed on the tail quickly. She didn't seem concerned about it and said we were doing good with it.


He was perfect during the shots. He literally had his head on my shoulder for the first one, then wrapped it around my torso like he does so much, I think that horse wants to break my back because man, that's a lot of weight. Lol.

We had to wait for them to fill the paperwork out so I sat down on the chair with Red and he put his head on my lap and dozed for awhile. Put him back in the pasture after that and we were done.


Healthy ponies make for happy owners.