I think I forgot to say that the vet had to move her visit to today last Wednesday because she didn't have the vaccines, so, vet is coming today. So I'll be leaving in about an hour or so. Woot. I'm kind of excited to get all of this taken care of. I want to see what she thinks of Red's current weight and muscle, maybe what she thinks of his back because I think it's lacking muscle which is why his trot is so rough along with other not important reasons like just not ever using his trot and etc.

I did go visit yesterday for a few minutes. Ended up fly spraying him because he was swishing his tail and kicking at them. SO sweaty. I pulled up and he ran to me as soon as I came to the gate. When we pulled up, he was playing with Bay and rolling around sunbathing. I took a seat on the ground and called for him. We've been working on the whole "coming when I call for you" thing because it's a pain when they are back in the ten acres and he refuses to come. When I looked back he had already been making his way to me so I call it a success.

Bay was an attention hog, as per  usual. I've never been overly fanatic about mares because I've never really connected with one other than Barbie, my old mini, but I would take that horse in a heartbeat if she was ever put up for sale. Not like A would do that, hahaha.

Tried to take a few conformation shots as well but Red kept standing on hills and keeping his head down. Gr.

I don't know how one horse gets so sweaty but he's good at it..

When I sprayed him he was quick to shake his big boot-tay.

Then Bay decided to photobomb.


And they went to say hello to Annabelle, who is still sitting in her stall. She's finally starting to follow Bay-Bay around so hopefully a sweet mare will take her out of that funk.

I went in Hurk's stall so I could peek at them.

Jericho was the photobomber this time. He started licking Red's back. Lol

Then Red came back out and I took another "conformation"ish shot.
I'm loving that butt!

So, vets out today. 10:30 AM. Gonna get vac's done and coggins pulled. Nothing much else to do. :) Short trip!

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