Nothing better than when we're together.

Saw Red for the first time in five days this evening. ^_^ Finally got to the barn about an hour ago, it's been surprisingly sunny today even though we had a 50% chance of thunderstorms, when we have more than a 20% chance it's normally going to pour, but it's been super nice in my neck of the woods..

Went out and J-the owner of the whole farm and a lovely man-had already stalled the horses for A, our barn manager, and was sitting out in the front and letting his colt graze..walked down to say hello. Step dad, mom, Petey and N, our newest foster baby, came with us so we couldn't stay for long. N is only 8 months so she isn't in to the DVD player yet, but Petey is always great in the car for awhile. We opened the side doors and N was pretty interested in looking around outside so she was good. I went in Red's stall, said hello and decided to bring him out before he ate. A wasn't there yet so I had some time to kill. Got his lead off of the new hook next to his stall-completely adore the convenience of that-and hooked it around his neck since he lost ANOTHER halter. Now he's lost his teal halter, two red ones, his green and purple one and his rope halter. :P Took him out and decided to put his bridle on so I could tie him without having to borrow a halter and find one that actually fit his big head. Before I brushed him out I decided to hop on and see how he felt..I walked him around beforehand and he seemed 100% fine, no more stiffness or anything. Didn't seem like his hooves were bothering him like they would with founder/laminitis. I hopped on a wooden bench and got him to get close enough which took a good while. :P Decided to be stubborn! :)) He finally let me mount and I hopped on bareback, didn't have the time to tack him up and to be honest I really, really love those quiet, random bareback rides around the farm. I walked him for a minute to see if I felt any lameness and he was great. A little stubborn in the beginning but after he got the hang of things again he was fine. Raven was up near the house grazing so I walked Red up there so they could say hi. There was a bunny up there too and it let us come pretty close before takin' off. We walked up and down the drive and around the house in the grass, since A hadn't been there yet and we knew she'd be arriving soon I didn't walk on the driveway or down the road and get in her way. I let him trot around the grass for a minute and he seemed to want to, but I still haven't gotten a hang of bareback riding enough to be able to trot without feeling like I'm gonna fall. :P We rode for a little while then A showed up and she said hello to Red, Red and I went down the driveway and went back and forth then, walked around the fenceline and walked to the gate leading to the colts and filly's old pasture-they have full turnout now but go in there to eat at night along with Spirit-said hi to Spirit on the other side until mom called him in the stall to brush him, fly spray and put his sunscreen on again. Plus he lost his fly mask and she needed to grab it. We rode around for about thirty minutes, then I walked back to the front and discovered something very very bad.

His mane is falling out.



It's all from him *rubbing* so I'm buying him a neck hood ASAP, hopefully he won't get overheated in it. If he does I'll try something else but I really, really, really want this to work because it'd solve that problem.If any of you guys have any tips or have used a neck cover/mane saver or a sleazy-a horse hood-let me know!! Don't want him overheated, so I'm leaning towards the neck covers. I may buy some listerine because I've heard that helps with itching??? If any of you guys have ideas, please, please let me know. I'm not going to let him torture himself again and I LOOOVE his long mane. :( I don't want to roach it. Really, really don't want to roach. Florida has early Summers and Tennessee's starts later, I'm hoping he'll be alright. Obviously his weight/muscle will be okay, but I don't want scabs. At all. I bought a fly sheet for him for the rest of his body but I need something really bad for his mane. :(

I stayed on his back so I could really soak the mane with MTG, I mean I soaked it. All of it, not just the bad spots. Coated it with it, soaked it, his mane was drenched! :)) Then I put it in the forelock and tail. His tail is looking fantastic so that's good news.. It's starting to grow but that's because we've wrapped it, can't wrap his whole neck unless I get the neck hood, but I'm doing more searching on it before I spend $$$$ on one.

Got that all in then walked around for a few more minutes. He really needed to be groomed so after about 35 minutes I dismounted-WITHOUT any help or a mounting block, first time I've done it without falling, tripping or looking dumb woohoo-and tied him so I could groom him out. I brushed him out, he was coated with mud since it's been raining a LOT lately, horrible flooding in my neck of the woods here! His legs were nasty, he looked like a chestnut..You could barely see the black on his legs because the mud was so light. :)) I didn't comb his mane or tail out since we just soaked it, and it looked pretty good anyways. The mane was really straight and nice since we had soaked it and the tangles got worked out so it wasn't really needed. I loved on him for a few minutes then moved to his legs. got the back legs, checked his hooves and he picked them up without a problem, normally he's terrible at that, his hooves were clean so I just stretched them and did the same with the fronts. No heat or stiffness anymore. When he had the founder issue his stomach kind of sagged like a pregnant mare but today he looked perfect again. Phew.  No more signs of founder, he's drinking again and eating perfect.

Fly sprayed him, put MTG on his chest where he has those splotchy bald spots and FORGOT to put my glove on. :P :P Now my hand smells like MTG even though I've washed them like three hundred times. :( :( :(

Put him back in the stall with his fly mask since he'd be turned out right after eating. He's officially on low starch feed and he loves it!!! Cuddled with him more then talked for a minute and headed out.

Since my step-dad came he took some pictures of us riding, then I took a few of just Redman. He has a super nice phone with an awesome camera so I love taking pictures with it. ;)
So not use to seeing shorter hair on me...

On a brightside his face looks less horrible and flaky. :) :) Plus he's got a cute SWAT pink nosey!!

This is what I have dubbed his "seductive" face.

Soaked forelock!! MAN i love this bridle..

So he's got this high step thing goin' on..he's been doing it occasionally on the trails and it's so cute! :))

Meet Spirit's beloved, Bella the filly. ;) We brought Spirit in and it was love at first whinny.

My mom's horse Spirit :) Notice his blue eyes.

Bella saying "HEEEEEEY GUYS!!" Also, don't freak about the barbed wire. ;) The wires aren't super sharp and they are only in that pasture and they only eat in that one now. ;) Working on replacing all of it!! This WAS a cattle farm.

Pitiful conformation shot since he's relaxing and putting his hoof up, but look how tank-ish he is!!

This is us chilling in front of our HUGE fan in the barn!

Favorite!! Why you ask?? 1. My feet are proper and my heels are DOWN! 2. I love the background and how Raven is in it. 3. Red's eyes are cute and sweet. 4. He looks all coppery. 5. He's adorable and we look cute together. ;)

Step-dad with Bella! Look at her face!!

This is me rubbing MTG in his mane. ;) I LOOOVE this stuff.Totally putting this on their facebook wall or something.
Butt shot


Now, here is a comparision..

December 2, 2012. Ignore my posture. :(

December 22, 2012

February 24th, 2013

April 29th, 2013

May 20th, 2013

May 23rd, 2013

July 8th, 2013

I didn't go that far back, but the majority of you guys know how skinny he was in September, he was bald, his ribs were showing and his butt was scrawny. He was a dull dark brown, now he's a beautiful bright, copper color. He's done amazing..Sometimes I get so bummed about his mane and tail problems and don't realize how far he's come. I mean, muscle and weight wise, WOW!Not only that but his color has changed SO much!! This horse is worth his albeit large weight in gold.

If he was a mare, I'd rename him and call him Penny.

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