Colt, filly, what's the difference?? (Hawkward moments #1)

The title of this ad is,

"8 month old bay colt - $150" 

I of course click, thinking I'm gonna see a colt, then I look at the picture.


First, I notice how skinny the poor thing is, then I say, "well, maybe it's just going through an awkward skinny stage" then I see the horse next to it. Skinny! Geeze louise.

Then I read the ad,
"I have a nice little bay mare 8 months old little filly u can train the way u want will lead and load $150 obo call or text" 

Uhh..you just said it was a colt.

 Things just got a little Hawkward 

This will be the first addition of "Hawkward" in which I post awkward things and post pictures of Jeremy Renner. (AKA Hawkeye.)


  1. Omg, again, craig's list just makes me... so sad, for the world, for horses, it's the worst.

  2. Aw.. this makes me want to go save every unfortunate horse out there, poor things.

  3. Duh, who wouldn't notice that mistake! 'colt for sale' Oh, hey, it's a filly!

  4. That is hilarious! The only saving grace may be that old cowboys always call a youngster colts, even if they are filly's. That is OLD cowboys though, and since they used the word filly in the add they obviously aren't probably using it as the interchangeable "young horse" meaning. Plus looking at the shape those horses are in makes me think they are NOT an old cowboy horse person.