Another nomination. :)

Since I've had two nominations in a short period of time, I'm not going to nominate other people this time, just answer the questions.

1. How did you get your horse? He was a gift to me, my aunt couldn't afford him and was having financial difficulties. It took a lot of convincing but we ended up taking the bald guy on. :) Very happy we did!!
2. How old is he/she? Red just turned 12 or 11 on May 30th, is it bad I can't remember? :P
3.Was he/she ever abused by you or a relative? No, never abused. He has sweet itch and also lost a lot of weight from needing really good feed and they couldn't afford it, so he wasn't up to part at all, but it wasn't abuse.
4.Does your horse like dogs? He LOVES dogs!! He and my Labrador slept in the stall together at night when he was at my house and now we board at a farm with three dogs and he loves them. :)
5.Would you trust your horse enough to stand on its back while riding? Absolutely!
6.Did you ever kiss your horse?(admit it) Uh, yes!! At least once every day.
7.Have you ever had you horse transported by riding them there? No, we have trails all around the farm anyways. No need to leave. In the Winter we do ride to the fruit and berry patch next to it, so I guess so.
8.Would you give up having another horse to keep yours? Yes!! I have before!!!! Red is here to stay. ^_^ ^_^
9.Have you ever eaten grass?(It isn’t that bad) LOL once on a dare when I was like, 5.
10. Do you ride bit-less? Red works with a hackamore, so yeah. Spirit uses a bit though, but I haven't even ridden him yet. So yeah, I ride bit-less.
11. Is your horse “green”? Nooooo way. Dead broke. Broke as can be. No green part about this fatty. 

 Think I'm heading to the barn again this evening but not positive when. If I have time I may ride around the pasture bareback again for a few minutes. Depends on our day. Since it's so muddy and rainy this week it's hard to plan. Need to put some stuff in his mane every day now, gonna buy him a mane saver today.

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  1. Yeah, I would think Red wasn't green. Splash fits that description better;)