Life will change without our permission, it's our attitude that will determine the ride.

Those moments of complete connection.

Life. Life has gotten in the way recently!

First, a quick back story. My oldest brother and his wife, still youngin's in a way, but very much adults, are drug addicts. My brother has been for 11+ years and his wife for less than 2. We had cut ourselves off from them, but things happened and we had to somehow help them. Now, they are fixing everything. Trying hard to beat this. During this short time, my family has been running to meetings, meeting case workers, trying to find the money to afford rehab/shot that will hopefully fix this. And taking care of their youngest child.
We're still at the barn a lot, but wow. I didn't realize how lucky I was just because I got to ride at least twice a week, most of the times more. And on Thursday, my mom is having a minor surgery but won't be able to even ride for 6+weeks. Plus, I'll be babysitting a LOT and also have to work both horses, do the feeding and etc while my step-dad works. He's taking off over a week though, so hopefully she'll be on the mend soon. Le sigh!

I'm stressed to the max and I've realized how quickly life can change. Things were good. SO. GOOD. David was finally almost adopted, we were in a good place financially and emotionally and then this stuff happens. I'm just ready for life to calm down a bit.

Red hasn't been worked less or loved on less, I'm still at the barn a *lot* but I'm just so, beyond, ready for a long ride. I want to start attempting training but I have no time and so I'm putting it off until a while longer. right now I'm focused on the well-being of my horse, family and as many rides as I can possibly get in.

Anyways. I'm still at the barn about every day. I still get to ride regularly. In the next 6 weeks I'll be riding probably more than usual because I have Spirit AND Red to work, we just have to figure everything out when it comes to who gives me a ride since I don't have a car. LOL. :)) Red doesn't have to be ridden daily or even weekly, but honestly I think I'll go crazy if I don't ride him somewhere in between. Everything's going to settle down. It's just going to take a few weeks, weeks that I'm not patient for....I was going to ride today but step-dad is working late and I'm babysitting later. Gonna rain all day tomorrow. Then mom gets her surgery Thursday. Blah.

Not much to report on the horse front. Went by this evening to say hello and all of them were in the front pasture. :) Ducked under the fence and walked straight to my boy with a quick pause at Tucker. :)
He wants to be a ballerina.
 Bay was already making her way to me, so Red followed closely. :)) I met them halfway and managed to get some lovin' out of Bay-Bay, who is always a willing cuddly pony.

 Went to Red afterwards. He's got some kind of rainrot going on under his mane, I'm putting some anti-fungal stuff on it to clear it up. It's not affecting his mane though, it doesn't seem itchy to him or sore, so I'm not too worried. it's not spreading..hmm..

So big :)

Checked him for boo-boo's because I'm paranoid like that, let him nuzzle around me and lick my belt, his favorite past time apparently. Then we took a selfie. A horrible one of me, but whatever.

Why yes that IS yesterday's makeup.

Bay-Bay decided to come back.

"have any treats??"

Really uneventful. Good visit though. Got some pony cuddles in. Pretty much all we did. :)) Here are some more pictures because I have nothing else to say. ;)

The whole herd!!

When we were pulling out Bay-Bay decided to follow us. I couldn't help but sneak her a little cookie that we had in the car. ;)


  1. That's a nice looking herd! Do you own all of them? Or just the three, Red, Spirit and Cowboy?

    1. Just Red and Spirit in this herd! Cowboy is small and stays at our house, we just didn't have the room for big horses. :)

    2. Oh I see! How fun though to be able to hang around a herd of horses!

    3. It is! :) I love all of the horses there to death. :) I get to see them every day, so I have a bond with just about all of them.

    4. That must me very special. I know that I am continually learning more about my horses personality. I bet with that many horses, there are a lot of unique and fun personality's going on! = )

  2. I have noticed that for rain rot type stuff a spray bottle of Listerine and Vinegar mixed about 4:1 works AWESOME (in my opinion better than commercial stuff). Just spray it on, massage it is a bit, and leave it. I would do it at least once a day and you should see improvement in 3-4 days.

    1. Interesting! I've heard about the Listerine and I've thought about putting it in his mane until I found the fung-away spray. I use vinegar and skin so soft for fly spray so it shouldn't bother his sensitive skin. I'll have to try it out, thanks!