Saw this quote on a horse website and this is kind of what we're doing right now. We're not rushing into anything, I'm not pushing him, running him into a spin, we're starting with walks, then a slow trot, then a canter, we're working on turns now. NOT the actual spin, sorry if I didn't clarify that before.

"You have to teach technique first before speed.......walking circles getting them smaller and smaller until they lift the shoulder and cross over in front...then push out of your circle into forward motion......then up to a trot, making your circle smaller and smaller until you get a crossover in front and a lift to the shoulder, then trot out of your circle...you always want to trot out to maintain froward momentum......once you are getting consistent lift and crossover then you want to extend the time in the spin.......remembering that technique is the most important not speed....I teach the correct spin in a snaffle with direct reining.....so you can teach balance and correct alignment, always having the nose slightly tipped to the inside of you circles......it actually takes years to get a solid, finished correct spin on a reining horse."