Western this or that!

Because it's been asked for. A lot. I'm doing a Western version of Lauren's This Or That! (Go check out ShemovedtoTexas to see the original English version, or go down a few posts below to see mine.) The majority of these questions are ones that people have asked me and me, being the slacker that I am, have never answered or just told them, "I'm writing a post about it later." LOL. (PS I would add pictures but I'm babysitting and using my sisters computer and I have NO clue how to work it, sooo...maybe i'll add some later. ;)

Long or cut manes?: Long!
Western or Ranch Pleasure?: Ranch, I think. :)
Ponies or horses?: Horses! The bigger the better!!
Shoes or no shoes?: Barefoot unless the horses has a need for shoes. I'm all for bare feet!! I've seen more bad hooves from shoes than I care to count, not saying they are a bad thing, but I'm not an overly huge fan unless your horse really needs them.

Bit or no bit?: As long as you use the hack, bitless bridle or bit safely and correctly, either is fine. I prefer using my hack but just because it's what I've used the longest and it's what I'm used to. Plus Red prefers the hack. ;)
Rodeos or shows?: Depends on my mood. ;) If it's a class A rodeo, like, NFR worthy, I'd have to say rodeo.  But if it's a backyard rodeo, I'd say the show. Completely depends.
Cutting or reining?: Reining. Love both, though.

Appaloosa or Paint?: Appaloosa! But I do love some Paints, I'm just picky with them. For example, I love Mare's (From Simplyhorse-crazy) paint, Missy, but I'm not overly fond of a certain Paint that I've met...I love our paint Spirit but I wasn't overly in love with a few other App's. Just depends on markings, size and personality.

Bays or Sorrels?: Bays
Socks or no socks?: Depends. No socks on a Bay. Love socks on a chestnut. :) 
Splint boots or bell boots?: Splint. :) I've never had a need for bell boots, soooo...
Neoprene or fleece pad?: Neoprene for Summer, fleece for Winter! Lol. I prefer Neoprene if I had to pick. Red sweats like crazy, even if it's cold, and he stays cooler with neoprene.

Do you have a color for your horse?: Red! :)
Barrel or roping saddle?: Barrel.
Favorite saddle brand?: I love my Circle Y.
Rope or leather reins?: Leather. Preferably soft and long.

Spurs or no spurs?: No spurs for me. If you use them correctly and the horse actually needs it, I'm fine with it.
Crop or no crop?: I'd prefer no crop, but I have the same views on them as I do spurs. Red needed one for awhile, I just didn't smack him hard. Just as a warning and an extension of the arm, so to speak.

What size saddle?: 14 right now. I'm fairly little. :)) I'll move up to a 15 eventually but I'm comfortable in my current saddle and it HOLDS me nicely when Red trots. :))

Brown or black tack?: Brown.
Show or trails?: Trails at the moment. I really relate to the quote, "My mind belongs to the arena, but my heart belongs to the trails." :)
Fake or real tails?: Depends. If I showed, I'd get a fake tail for Red. I don't mind fake extensions at all. As long as they aren't hideous. :)) Or gawdy.
Plain or blingy tack?: I LOVE blingy breast collars and bridles but I'd prefer for my saddle to be relatively tame.

Team calf roping or breakaway?: Team.
Barrel racing or calf roping?: Barrel.

Well. Thats all I have. ;) If you have a question you'd like to be answered comment or email it to me. :)