" I am a better horsewoman because of her."-Hannah Diane. (A guest post!)

 I have enjoyed reading these stories that have been sent in SO much! This one came from Hannah Diane, the owner of a drop-dead gorgeous grey!!! Thank you for sending it in, Hannah! I loved reading it! PS: You can find her blog here.
What is his/her registered and barn name? She doesn't have a registered name that I know of...but when I bought her, I named her Ameera, which is Arabic for princess.
How old? She was 2.5 when I got her- 3, almost 4, now.
- What breed? A paint- but she looks like she has a lot of QH and Arabian in her. She has only two spots that are "painted".
Lineage? ?????
Discipline? Training her in English and Western, by Parelli Natural Horsemanship 
What is one thing that your horse hates? Anything she decides she doesn't want to do! :) She doesn't like the western saddle- she doesn't mind my bareback pad, but she hates the big saddle.
What is your favorite thing about your horse? Her beautiful confirmation and her personality. She's a "pocket pony", always wanting to be in my pocket.
How would he/she introduce her/himself to a new herd of horses? Leave everyone alone and expect them to do the same! When other come up to her, she freaks out and runs. If she's the first one there, though, she holds her ground and let's them know who's boss! ;-)
Ameera has taught me a lot of patience and determination! I thought I was a very determined person- until I got her. She's made me step out of my comfort zone and deal with problems before they get big. When I trained her last summer, I never got her fully rideable and then with my senior year this past fall and spring, she went crazy...
Long story short- the Lord worked it out for me to buy my neighbor's pen and move Ameera to my property. In the three weeks I've had her here, we are farther along in our training than we ever got last summer. My poor mother is scared of horses in general, but loves Ameera and my grandma is the wonderful person to foster me since-I-was-born love of horses. One of her best friends, Eunice Rush, wrote the books "Know You, Know Your Horse" (http://www.amazon.com/Know-Your-Horse-Personalities-Relationships/dp/1570765200) and "Led By Horses" (http://www.amazon.com/Led-Horses-Why-Horse-Laughs/dp/1410752569).  Between my grandma and Eunice, I didn't stand a chance...my love of horses wasn't going away. I'm just so blessed to have their support all the way! Even when a "crazy" 17 year old decided her first horse was going to be an untrained 2 year old mare. There were quite a few people who, when they heard what I was doing, told me it wasn't wise to get her- and you know what? They were probably right. But I am so thankful I got her! We've had our ups and downs- but I don't know what I would do without her!! I am a better horsewoman because of her. I am very blessed!
~Hannah Diane

 Don't forget, if you have a special horse you'd like to share about, shoot me an email! (My email is in the previous guest post) You don't have to add pictures, but I'd prefer them just so people can see your gorgeous fuzzy BFF's, but it's no necessary. If you have a blog, I'll link back to your blog as long as I feel comfortable sharing it with my audience. Thank y'all so much for sending this in, this has been fun so far!! Only doing this through July 1st, so send them in soon. ;) ;) I'll probably do it again, but not for awhile unless one of you guys send me an extremely amazing story and I just have to post it. Which isn't that hard, I'm amazed easily.

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