Red. Or lack thereof.

Today is good/meh. I haven't been to the barn and actually *visited* in a few days. It's either been raining or we just couldn't make it out. Went yesterday to check on everyone and they were doing good, we left after a few minutes though. Red is still doing the same..I miss him like crazy though. I rode about 5 days ago, but it's honestly not riding that I'm having withdrawals from, it's the tying him out and just grooming and loving on him..hoping to make it out SOON to have some of that time. :) Mom and a friend of ours is going out to the barn-without me, I have babysitting duty-today because our friend is interested in buying Chip-adoodle since we decided we would not be able to take him. I told mom to make sure Red knew I still loved him. ;) I doubt he's worried about it...Going on vacation this July which I almost dread because I'll miss Red. :)) Then going back to FL in September for a wedding and staying for about ten days. It'll be fun but torture being away from the barn, but I honestly could use some vacation time. There are a few people-mostly family members, sadly- I'd like to be away from for awhile. No pictures. :( I told mom she needs to snap a few of Redhead. ;) We're going to start working on trot poles soon, as soon as I can get out for some training time and not just trail time... I have a kid trying to type in my lap so now, after this measly update, I shall go. :)


  1. Since I also live in Tennessee. I know the rain is terrible! Luckily we have an indoor so I've been braving the horrible weather anyway.

    And I love vacations (which I don't get this summer!) but I agree, by the end of the vacation I am always ITCHING to be back riding/seeing my horse!

    1. I wish I had an indoor! We were going to board at a place with one, but boarding fee was over $300 a month-for one horse- and it was almost thirty minutes away. The barn I board at now charges us less than $200 a month for two horses. :)

      I am too! After the second or third day, I'm ready to go home!

  2. I love your blog!.........I love horses! But my dad does not:(

  3. Ohhh, I hate those times when you can't get to the barn! Hope you can get out there soon! Ameera and I are going to try to start trotting poles next week. :)