Late grooming sessions.

The other day I went to the barn to see if the owner of Chip was there...we've decided we just can't take him and we would rather talk to this man in person than call him on the phone. He wasn't there, and we only had a few minutes because we had to get home and feed the animals at home before the storms arrived. I grabbed all of my supplies, brush, mane and tail comb, fly spray, MTG and a hoof pick, and ran in his stall. He had just finished eating and was about to be let out..you could tell he knew. ;) He kept looking at the door like, "Okay girl, it's time for me to go play!!" but he was a good boy nonetheless.

Until I got to the hoof picking.

He does good with hoof picking, not fantastic but good.. He's stubborn on the first hoof, so I have to tug it a lot, but once I'm done with that one, he picks up the other three when I said, "Pick it up" and I don't have to touch him. As usual, he did fine with the hoof picking, but he had a lot of mud on the outside and I took the soft brush on the other side of the pick and brushed it lightly. He didn't act like it hurt, but he acted like it was annoying and kept trying to put his hoof down. I don't know if he's just never had that done or what. :)) Anyways, he did fine after that. He had grown about five inches due to the mud and I had to pick them. :))  :))

After that, I slathered on the MTG....
 Soaked his balding tail, it seems to be doing better, got the bald spots on his face probably from a halter, got random little bald spots 'cuz I'm paranoid. Forgot to wear gloves. My hands STILL smell like that stuff. has anyone else ever used it?? It's a magic product, amazing. It does wonders but MAN does this stuff smell!!!

Anywho, got all that beautifying stuff done. He's still doing really well, honestly. Last year in July he had scabs covering him, half an inch of mane, a brown, blah Bay color and just didn't act the same, now he acts like he feels good. He didn't act like that before. I'm just bummed about his balding face and tail..the face isn't as bad, honestly, it looks like a typical bay with black on it's face.
I know this isn't a Bay but his face looks like that. ;)
 I'm honestly still very happy with his improvement, plus, bugs really have been bad this Summer..But he's about to face the worst heat, going to be almost 100 degrees today and it hasn't been this hot here since he arrived. I'm nervous. Either way, he's amazing and gorgeous and wonderful but I just really don't want to see him go back to what he was. It really isn't the looks that bother me, it's the fact that he ITCHES. That's annoying, I mean, I'd HATE to itch so bad that I scratch sore spots onto myself and my hair falls out. Luckily now we have fly spray we can use without causing more problems...I fully believe that fly spray was his major problem.

Now, pictures.

 Only two which is annoying for an avid photo taker..the lighting in his stall is terrible. One half is too bright because the big barn door was open and his stall is right next to the door, then the other half was too dark. :P Flash made his color look weird and with no flash you couldn't see him. Grrrrr. #Darkhorseprobs. We can always take great pictures of Spirit in there because he is light and he just pops up. He actually shows up in the camera.. darn white horse.

Anywho....Will hopefully get to the barn this evening when it cools off. I want to ride this weekend if it's not too hot, but I owe my step-dad a ride on Red. Haha! He is the babysitter who watches "Petey" when mom and I go out to ride, he loves riding but sacrifices for us...maybe he can get out Saturday and I can get out Sunday and just tag team a little. Red could us the double duty so long as it's not hot. He gets so sweaty..I  hate for him to get overheated.

Anyways, really haven't had that much amazing barn time other than when we rode, which was indeed amazing. Just a few short grooming sessions, but better than nothing, plus I know Red enjoys it just as much as me..I know he likes trail riding, especially after this past month or two, but he works hard for me, he deserves TLC in between rides. I don't want him to think the only reason I come out is to ride and he gets to dread it because he only thinks I work him. And yes, I think he's that smart. ;) Take Spirit for instance-you could honestly do the same with Red-he was hard to catch for this girl who, every time she took him out, barrel raced *hard*. He got to dread it because he never got treats, or a little grooming session or just random affection. Red was the same, but instead of barrel racing, it was kids. Kids would pile on him, crop him, kick him too hard then pull back on the reins when he did what they told him..Honestly I'd hate having Red's job but sometimes, in my house, you feel like you do. ;) thankfully Red does indeed love kiddos, even now...weirdo. I'd hate them.

Not sure for our schedule this week..it's all up to the weather. I'll probably get out there every day, maybe every other day, depending on the rain that's coming tomorrow, our schedule and heat.


  1. Ohhh, yes! Good ol' MTG! ;) The smell actually doesn't bother me too much! :) Hope you can get out there a lot this week!! It's so humid here too, that I try to do our hard work in the morning before 8am.

    ~Hannah Diane

    1. It doesn't bother me very much, but when it gets on your hands and people constantly ask why you smell like bacon grease, it's annoying. Rofl!!! I would get out earlier but it's so hard to run out there so early because all of the horses are in the back pasture and I have to trek miles to get to them. Lol!!!

  2. Ugh! Glad I don't have to use that-No offence!

    1. I wish I didn't have to use it! Haha! None taken!