Tack review: Tacky Too pad.

 I recently bought a Tacky Too pad in a huge lot of tack and I probably spent MAYBE ten dollars on it. I used it for the first time yesterday and some people on Pinterest asked me what I thought about it, so, I thought I'd do a quick review.

This is the same as mine, but mine is a brighter red.

I've used a load of pads, mostly all standard western pads with wool, but Red is a sweater. 

After ten minutes of trotting, he looks like this.

So, when I found this neoprene pad in the lot, I bought it, but wasn't sure if Red could use it. I figured he would sweat even heavier with that, plus it was thinner and I had only used thick pads on him. It sat underneath one of my saddles on my saddle rack at the barn for awhile, I figured that one of the other people at the barn could use it or if mom ever gave in and bought herself an App like she so desperately wanted, she could use it. Of course, she bought that App soon after, but somehow on our first ride out with him-Yesterday-Red ended up with the pad on and Spirit had our older one on, mom's favorite.

We rode for about an hour an a half, maybe two hours, on the trails, in pastures, in about 75 degree weather and for the first 30 minutes, he didn't sweat at all, normally, he'd be soaked. Once the hour was up, he was sweating, but not as bad. When I took his tack off, he seemed cool and after about ten minutes of walking him around I was able to take him back to the pasture. I actually really liked this pad and Red seemed to do well with it. It is much thinner than my other pads but he seemed to be very comfortable.

I really love this pad! I'm very happy with it!


  1. That's a lot of sweat!


    1. Oh yes..He is the sweatiest sweater.... :))