Galloping up hills is actually kind of fun.

Oh my goodness. I am exhausted, it's late, just got back from a rodeo...Not going to be a long post. Sorry.

Mom and I went to the barn today and randomly decided to ride, so we got Spirit and Red out of the pasture VERY carefully so the others didn't get out, went down and tacked them up. John, the owner of the farm, had company over and they got to see the horses. Red was a gentleman and walked over to them as soon as he could to get a good head rub, but Spirit pooped and refused to let them get close. Nananannaa, mom, my horse has better manners! ;) Joking, joking.

Patches waiting to go to the trails!!

We went out on the trails and rode all around the farm, probably spent around 3 hours there, but maybe an hour and a half, maybe two hours of riding. In the beginning, we let Spirit lead because he seems to do better in front, and Red was in the back. Spirit started trying to run the other way and rear, so Patches took the lead and I cantered back to the main trails while mom got Spirit settled down. He was soon back to his normal, kind of calm, self. I swear he acts like an Arab, but that's what mom likes, so.
Love those ears!!

Red did AMAZING. The last few rides we've had have just been great. There is a steep-ish hill that you have to go down in order to get to the more fun and rugged trails, and Red normally flat out REFUSES to go down it, but this time, after some persuasion, he went down without a problem. Going back up was super fun, I must admit. We started gaining speed on the way there and he knew exactly where to go, and we galloped up that hill like it was nothing!! So fun!!!
I'm on Red, and Ann is on Patches in front of me. Waiting for mom and Spirit!

We went up to the 10+ acre pasture where subdivisions are on the other side of the fence, and I took off cantering ahead of them, the dogs started barking at us and a kid ran out and yelled at Red really loud but he never missed a step and didn't even seem phased at all.
Red loves dogs....

All in all, it was a good ride. Spirit had his moments, but it's nothing mama can't handle. Patches did great, as usual, a little stubborness on the hills but nothing bad. Red did amazing, a little stubborn at times but he did very well and acted like he had ridden with Spirit all his life. :)

Used my new Tacky Too neoprene pad..I was worried about him sweating worse with it because he sweats so bad, but he seemed to be cool in it and didn't seem bothered by the new material. I like it and it's thin, but thick enough to give him a lot of comfort. I'm not overly fond of the color with my brown saddle, so I'll probably stick with my fleece blankets unless it's really hot.

We took Red and Spirit back to the 4 acres where they are currently staying while we transition Spirit into his new life and home, and tied the other horses to the posts so we could get them all in without an accident. :P When we untied them, Red and Spirit had a bit of a fight..Nothing bad, Red went to bite him and Spirit tried to buck, but Red ran. :P Can't wait for that junk to be over with!! I'm happy Red is holding is own now, though..Before he'd just take it and end up with tons of wounds.

After that we fed and went home, then went to a rodeo. I'll probably post pictures from that tomorrow. We may ride again tomorrow..weather is nice.
Spirit & mom


Red & I


  1. What!? His new halter, dirty already? ;)

    1. I know! Who would'a thunk it??? I think he's been rolling in dirt. He was COVERED the day before yesterday, yet yesterday, he was so clean all I had to do was run my hand over his stomach and back, etc, just to check for thorns and what-not.

  2. You and Red are absolutely adorable!! I miss getting to take long trail rides like that.

    1. Aw! Thank you! :) Those trail rides are one of the main things that keep me from showing, I'd rather take a whole day out and just ride than do a show.

  3. Im new to your blog :-) but it sounds like you had a fantastic ride.

    1. Welcome to the blog! :) We did! That was my first ride on the trails at the farm that I wasn't doubling! :))