Finally settled & 3 barn trips in one day....

Wow! I'm amazed at how well Spirit has settled, he has done so well with all of the other horses and has really been sweet. We were told he was extremely hard to catch, but he neighs and runs up to us the minute he hears us in the pasture and starts fishing for treats. This weekend we will get Spirit and Red out for a ride. Mom'll probably work him in the round pen for the first ten or so minutes and I'll tack Red up while she does that, then we'll head to the trails. We have to get the other five horses in the stalls because they will bully Spirit really bad, so we'll probably schedule a time so we can ride with Ann and she can do what she needs to do with the others.

We went to the barn really early this morning, probably around 8:00 or earlier, checked on all of them then went back home. Went to Tractor Supply Co. for a shot and worming, went and gave him his worming around 4'ish and hung out and took some pictures, then went back to the barn around 6:30'ish with my cousin and cousin in law. My cousin's mother previously owned Red, and now that they live here as well they like to go and visit him, plus they hadn't seen him in a few months and were quite surprised at how much he has changed. Everyone's doing great, seems very settled and content in that pasture. :) Bella is holding her own and being protected by Tucker and Red. ;) :) Bay~Bay is in a HEAVY heat, so she's being a tad hormonal, but Red has kept her in line..Literally. She pins her ears back and he does the same and gives her a "look" and she walks off. Lol! He's a good horsey-husband.

Picture time!! (Ignore the annoying spots on some of the pictures, my camera lens was apparently dirty! I couldn't see it in the sun, but I tried to edit a few of them and fix it, but I soon got tired of editing. Hahaha!)
Tucker, Bella and Bay in the back.
Tucker and Bella at the fence, Spirit in the back.
 Red immediately whinnied and met me at the gate, a thing he's been doing lately, I love it!
Ignore his super large halter, he other halter was rubbing his face and I'm using this break-away halter for the time being. Going to buy another one soon...
Bay's butt, Red and Spirit in the back.
 Here is one of my favorites..

Bay on the left, Red on the right.


Red on left, Bay, Tucker, Bella.

Mom and Spirit

Mom and Spirit


Bay in front, and Red.

You know who this donkey is! ;)

Bay, Tucker and Bella in back




Tucker, Red, Bay






Now, a tour of my barn!! Woah!! This is the inside of our work-in-progress barn.
Left side..

Left side. Red's stall is on the far left, right next to Chip, the black and white App.

As you can see, right above Patches and Chip, there is a loft where we keep hay. We plan on adding two large stalls up there as well. Over half of that loft is on ground on a slight hill, we are still working out the kinks on it, but we really need more stalls and we've had people out to see if it would be sturdy enough and everyone says it will be fine. Next we have to figure out what to do with the wood because the urine would soak. :P One day, I'll do a video and do a better "Tour" of the whole farm. :) Maybe I'll take a video camera out on the trails.

Anywho, probably going to go back out tomorrow as well. Going to ride this weekend while it's cool enough to actually use tack. ;) ;) It's been too hot to do anything but a short bareback ride, which I did the other day. Gonna hit the trails!!  Red needs exercise..Hopefully he does well, he hasn't been on the trails in a couple months.

Oh!! Random. My cousin-in-law who makes horse tails and etc for shows made me an awesome tail piece for Red.
It's the same as that, but red and white. :) Very excited to use it!! Thanks, Kate!

PS: She makes AMAZING stuff, t-shirts, towels, towel hooks, horse hoods, tails, and even customized Christmas stockings. Check her facebook page out if you show or are a horse owner in general. She ships in the US. https://www.facebook.com/uniquelydifferenttails?hc_location=stream

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