Spirit is home! Part 2!!

The pictures FINALLY sent to my email and I started editing this morning. :D Yay!! The only reason I edited them is because the lighting was bad due to it getting late and it started raining a little, plus I had to use a cellphone to take the pictures because I forgot to bring my camera. :P :P So anywho, here are the pictures!! I'll post an update on Spirit after the pictures as well. We have already been to the barn once this morning and will be going back this evening.

Spirit, Bay and Red (Red is in the back. ;)

Red on the left, Bay in the middle and Spirit on the right.

Red is the Bay closer to the camera in the teal halter, then Bay is next to him. :)

Red on the left, Bay in the middle and Spirit in the front.

Bay on the left, then Tucker, then Spirit, then Bella and Red.


Chip, Hercules and Lady.
Spirit. Red and Bay in the back.

Ann trying to get close to Spirit..He's hard to catch.




Chip!! Rofl!

My beautiful boy!!!

Now, update!! Mom went up to the pasture this morning and I watched the baby in the van. She went up to all of the horses and checked them for battle wounds, no one has any marks other than Spirit who had a couple minor scratches. Nothing bad. Red got pretty beat up when he first came to the barn, so we were worried, but Spirit apparently did a little better. Everyone was getting along really well and mom was able to walk up to Spirit and give him a few treats and he didn't run away. He's really hard to catch, so that's the first thing we'll be working on. This week is going to be crazy, and we're planning on getting to the barn every day until we know Spirit is settled in.

Visiting the barn again this evening, going every day this week, riding this weekend. We're hoping Spirit does good on his first ride at his home. We'll bring Red along and Ann will probably want to tag along with Bay-Bay or Tucker. Mom is still very excited and happy with her new buddy, I see a very long future for them both!! She's so happy to have an App again. :) :)

Talk to y'all tonight, probably.


  1. I love the herd!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I too am thrilled to know another western rider out there! there don't seem to be too many!

    1. We have some sweet ponies! :) Thanks for visiting mine.
      Every blog I've been to is English! Which is great, but I like hearing about stuff that could help me and I enjoy relating to it more. :)