A quick update. :)

Went to the barn yesterday evening and took a few pictures...going riding tomorrow for Memorial Day. :D

Closed eyes :P

Everyone was doing good and had just finished eating, no more battle wounds and Spirit & Red were the first ones at the gate so mom and I got them, took them out away from the horses and cuddled with our boys for a minute. :)
First picture ever taken of me and Spirit...Lol!


That gunk in the corner of his eye is driving me crazy..

Spirit gettin' some mom lovin'.

Will post tomorrow. Maybe again later today if we get by the barn. We have kids over today for a little while so their parents can go pick up a new door for their house.


  1. Cute pics. I love spirits colouring.

    1. Thanks!! His spots are much brighter in person. His ears are almost an orange kind of color.