"I know you have treats, lady, come back right NOW!"

Went to the barn for a quick visit before we went to a store that was closing down-PS: The store sale was horrible, no air conditioning and it's HOT out, everything was scattered around, none of the checking lanes were open, and people were just rude. Other than the security guard who complimented my belt buckle, thanks dude. I replied with an awkward, "Um, nice gun and tazer." and he just laughed and was like, "Alright." :P

Anyhow, we went down there and Ann was there with her two little grandkiddies, one of which was obsessed with the horses and the other just loved the tractor. We walked up to the pasture where Red, Spirit, Bay, Bella and Tucker are staying at the moment and I climbed under the fence and was met with an eager Red and a nervous looking Spirit.. He's still not comfy with being close to the horses yet and in order to get to mom, he had to go around the Red who was standing stubbornly at my side and refusing to move.

Waiting at the fence for me...

I went in, checked Red for "pricklies" aka the annoying thorns that he tends to get himself into and brushed his mane out with my fingers, annoyed with the tangles. I got most of them out and when he stayed still, I gave him a few treats out of my pocket.
"Must you groom me?? Now I have to roll in mud and get my mane tangled AGAIN!"

Once I was done, I walked around the pasture and Red followed me around as mom got Spirit and checked him out for new wounds or thorns. He has a sunburn on his nose so we're going to get him some sunburn stuff. Oh the joys of a white and pink nosed horsey.
Mr Sunburn going to find mom.

Don't they look good together??

One more of Red..With me. :D

Mama snapped this picture right as I crawled through the fence...This is what he does the second he gets close enough.

Riding tomorrow. Will post then. :)