Hyperness & Farrier's.

I just want to say one thing. My farrier is stinking amazing. Today, our farrier was comin' out to trim the horse's hooves and put some new shoes on them. Chip's owners had left for FL and he hadn't had his hooves trimmed....here's the before.

Front hoof, on the left.

The front hooves were the worst, and the right back hoof had a split, but wasn't as awful.

During the work:

Notice the abscess.

And after:
Front left hoof.

I have more pics to upload later, but til' then, you guys get the gist. The after shot was after ONE trim, and after two more trimmings, hopefully it'll be completely healed! Dont think the owner doesn't care, he DOES love these horses, he's just learning, and has been out of town. Hopefully this will be the last bad trimming. Our farrier is awesome and did a fantastic job, as per usual... :) Very thankful to have such a great farrier!!

Anywho, my cousin who hasn't rode a horse in quite a number of years and her family decided to ride before the farrier was out, so, we took them and let them ride some. :) Emily, my cousin's daughter who is 4, LOVED Red!!!
My cousin and Red. My mom is on the right, Emily is in the pink dress and the guy in the blue shirt is my cousin-in-law.

My cousin and Red.


Such a good pony!!


Before they got on, I mounted near the round pen and rode up to the ten acres. Red was feeling good today and REALLY wanted to gallop, so we cantered the whole time, around the edges of the ten acres and spent about 20 minutes or so switching from trotting to cantering.

He's kinda developing a *little* of an attitude, nothin' bad, he's still the same old Red and has excellent manners, very sweet and willing, but he's NOT lazy! We just took him off sweet feed and the bugs are bothering him, I'm 100% positive that's what is causing it. I'm going to be making or buying a natural fly spray for him since he can't handle normal spray on his skin. He had a few bald patches-from rubbing and playing with the horses, nothing terrible- and bug bites so I rubbed some MTG on those and he, as always, tried to lick the MTG off.....Maybe he thinks it tastes like bacon, since it does smell like it!

In mid trot!
He still listened very well and stopped when I told him to, and I used the leather hack that he responds a little stubbornly to, so I think I'm gonna use the rubber nosed next time and see if he is less eager to RUN. I love the pace and enjoy trotting, but I'm still a beginner and I can't run all the time especially since his gait is so bumpy.

After we rode, Red had worked up a really bad sweat so I walked him, then tied him out in the shade so I could brush his tangled up mane. Once I was done, he was cool enough to go in his stall after a drink of water and hang out til the farrier got to the barn! There is a fan near his stall, and the stall is shaded, so he was able to cool off in there, too.

We left with my family, dropped them off, then went back to the barn. The farrier was working on Patches, the other App, first because she has to be sedated, and it's best to do her first so she can relax in her stall. After her, he did Bay, Red's gal. She was acting super stubborn and kept trying to lay down..She always tests Cody-the farrier-and I think it's because she knows him. He used to own her and compete in rodeos. :) :)
Pretty girl.

After her, Red was brought out. He did really well, only took about 20 minutes to trim all four feet and he was done. It took a little longer though, because one of the walker colts got out and took off running. Cody ducked under the barbed fire fence, got covered in manure, I ran to get grain while Red stayed put and looked at me like, "MOM! IS THAT FOOD FOR MEEEE?!!!" and everyone tried to get Raven. John, Raven's owner, immediately said, "doesn't that horse have a gorgeous gait?" and Cody, Raven's halter in his hand, tugged the horse back up, said something about the manure covering his back, and made his usual sarcastic jokes about TWH's. It was scary, but after a few minutes, we were all dying laughing about John's words. Raven was soon put up in his pasture and given a stern talkin' to!!
"I didn't mean to cause any trouble, I just wanted to play!!"
Anywho, after that, Chip was taken out.
And thus the major work began...

I normally don't like this horse all that much, he's kinda mean and bratty, but he really is a sweet horse when he is worked and the people around him KNOW how to deal with him. He acted perfect tonight, had his head wrapped around Ann the whole time and chilled. I really felt for him and all of a sudden I feel something towards him I've never felt and I honestly like him now. Don't know what changed.

This horse is a stunner. Leopard appaloosa, built like a muscled tank, 16+ HH....Gorgeous!

On a random note, Ann, the caretaker of the barn surprised me with a birthday gift today. :)
Belt buckle from Ann.

She gave me a VERY VERY needed leather cinch for my saddle's and the above beautiful belt buckle. :) I am so blessed to be boarding at this barn!!!!

Anywho, I must go now! :D Toota-loo.


  1. Hope his owners never let his feet get that long again.

    1. Me too. Our farrier is very snarky and isn't afraid to tell people what he thinks-I'm hoping he says something, which I think could happen.

  2. Oh my goodness!! His feet look horribly long... Poor boy. They look a lot better now! My grandma has a Belgium Draft horse, named Tori, whose feet look like that. She (Tori) won't let ANYONE touch her hooves. My dad does farrier work occasionally, and once tried to trim her hooves, and she HATED it. She never really liked my dad to begin with, and threw a fit. That was a few years ago, and nothing has been done with her since. Poor girl. She's just a pasture ornament. I want to say something about it.

    1. I hate seeing long hooves...I was just looking at Red's that day and noticed that were a *tad* long and jagged, they are of course trimmed regularly, but for some reason they grew quicker this time! I was eager to have his done then saw Chip's...The farrier said he wasn't in any pain, though. I would try to say something....There has to be someone that can do something. Have you-or anyone else, lol- tried using a twitch on her while trimming her hooves??

    2. That's what my dad had to do the first time he tried.. It didn't help much, but it helped a little. I need to get Flicka's hooves trimmed soon, because they're getting a little bit long. I'll probably ask my dad to do it this weekend sometime. :)

  3. Uff glad that horses feet got done!

  4. Ooh, his hoofs really needed a trim!! And that's sweet about your cousin and stuff!! The first time I doubled was with my little bro. The horse we were riding bolted and the saddle slid sideways!!
    It was a disaster!! Thankfully, no one was hurt! Human or equine.