Day 28, 29 and 30!!!!

I am so behind...Anyways. Doing the last three days!!

Day 28: Helmet or no helmet? I'll probably get some mad people when I answer-I don't wear a helmet. Never have. Probably never will unless I show in English later on or something and I have to. Not saying you shouldn't, but I choose not to. I tend to wear baseball caps or cowboy hats.

Day 29: Favorite brands for breeches/pants/jeans, helmets, tops, boots etc? Ariat! :) For boots I love Laredo, too. Justin is good.... :)

Day 30: Your future with horses. I guess this is where I write what I want my future to be and what I hope it holds.... I would love to one day compete in rodeos, do some calf roping and/or barrel racing. I have a secret love for dressage and English riding, and I'd love to try that. Mainly, I just want to continue on this road. I don't care if I only trail ride for the rest of my life, I just want to have horses and be around them!! I would love to continue rehabilitating the horses that I buy and rescue, and I would enjoy working with Mustangs. :)
Well, the challenge is over!! I must say, I'm kinda relieved. This was fun!!! :D


  1. I only wear a helmet 'cause my mom doesn't want my head to split if I fall. I would love to help gentle mustangs.

    1. There is a mustang at the barn that I board at, he is AMAZING! And lol! My mom doesn't wear one either, never did. :)

  2. Tisk tisk, your head is very very important!