Moving to a new barn? Here are some tips.

Check out this blog post for some more detailed tips. :) She wrote out a list of what she was looking for, and I thought I'd do the same to help out any of y'all who are thinking about moving your horse or boarding.

My Order of Top Boarding Priorities in a Barn
  1. Horse Care – I of course want my horse to be very happy when I can't be there. Due to my random schedule, I needed someone who would be able to muck stalls and etc every other day or so for me if I wasn't able to get out to the barn. I wanted the exact care I would be giving him. He needed a lot of special care due to skin, so that was a major thing. He needed someone out there every day.
  2. Price –I needed a place that was fairly cheap, but still nice. I don't want to pay for board and then not be able to afford anything else. My boarding fee is $125 a month. They provide feed.
  3. Facilities - The stalls needed to be roomy because Red is large and  he tends to want to move a lot in the stall. I needed a round pen and trails near the barn. I didn't care about an indoor, and I don't have one. No dangerous fencing, a little of barbed wire is fine, but not all over the place. Roomy pastures. No holes in the ground for Red to step in, etc. Places to ride safely.
  4. Other horses - No stallions unless they are in a completely secured pasture and separate. Not that I dislike stallions, but I didn't want my gelding to be bullied more than he had to. As long as they were not mean, biting and etc horses, I was fine.
  5. Location - I couldn't really board at a barn over 30 minutes away or else I wouldn't get there often. I found a place three miles away, which was completely ideal, but I almost boarded at a place about 35 minutes away. I needed to have the ability to get to the barn at least every other day.
  6. People – I had to get along with these people, I'm there VERY often and they are almost always there when I am. I would've rather there be older people there, older than me because I tend to get along better with people older than myself. :)) I have a very good relationship with the people there and that was a must!! I really wanted the people to have a similar point of view on horses and riding so we didn't clash and argue about stuff like that.

What is on your list??


  1. If I ever can get my very own horse, I hope I will be able to keep it at my house! But, if I couldn't, these are really helpful tips!!

    1. I hoped the same thing, but it turned out to be a dream, and I had to board. :) Boarding is really great if you find the right barn. :)

  2. Great list! Thanks for the share.

  3. I've read the lists on both sites and they are both vey good. One of my major concerns when I boarded my horses was always enough turnout time. I prefer they are out from morning until night in safe pastures.

    1. That's another one that I forgot to mention. :) My horse is out in 35 acres of all safe pastures/trails during the day, and they keep the barn and stalls open at night so they can wander in whenever needed! If it's stormy, really cold/hot or snowy, they are in the barn. :)