All set & ready to go!!

Spirit is supposed to be delivered to our barn today!!! In less than 30 minutes, we'll be heading to the barn and waiting. Yeehaw!! The rain has held off for us and the weather is nice, they have the trailer and he is in their barn so they don't have to catch him. I'll get there earlier so I can bring Red out to groom him. Spirit will be put in a separate 4 acre pasture with a couple of the well mannered horses. I believe Hercules, Bay-Bay and Red will be put into that pasture, but not positive. I know Red will be in there with him because he's one of those horses that wants to be friends with everyone, but will fight back if he needs to! He was previously in a pasture with a wild mustang that my aunt owned that would bite, kick, rear and buck at any other horse, but they loved each other. Red's great with other horses, so I have high hopes. :)
Very excited to have this boy home!!