In the words of Toby Keith, "I wanna talk about me!"

Yep. Quoting Toby Keith.Yeehaw.

I saw this questionnaire and decided to do it, so...

1. How long have you been riding?
I've been seriously riding for almost a year.

2. Do you own a horse?
Yes!!! I own Red, but my mom owns two horses that I'm around all the time, so I guess I could say I own 3. Spirit, Cowboy and Redhead.

3. What discipline do you ride?
Western trail riding!!!

4. Jeans or breeches?

5. Have you ever leased a horse?

6. Do you take riding lessons?

7. What is your horses typical diet for the day?
Hay throughout the day in Winter, but grass in Summer and I believe Omelene grain.

8. Are you subscribed to any horse related magazines?
No, but a friend is subscribed to Horse & Rider and I read those while at the barn if I have time.

9. Tall boots, paddock boots, cowboy boots, or wellies?
Cowboy boots.

10. What is your favorite color of horse?
Because I'm biased, Bay. ;)

11. Describe your horse.
Red: 15+HH, muscular Quarter Horse. Bay. Calm, loves to trot, likes apple treats, despises having his ears touched and bridlepath trimmed-though he's getting better at that-loves cuddles and hugging. Very lazy, loves kids and will do anything you ask as long as you ask nicely.

12. Can you remember the first time you fell off?

It really wouldn't be considered as a fall, I slipped off but landed on my feet...But yes, it was during a "photoshoot" and I was riding bareback.

13. Do you board it or keep your horse at home?
I board, but hope to one day own property.

14. Have you ever competed?

15. What do you compete in?

See above.

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