Sleepy Ponies & A let-down.

So, y'all know our new horse, an Appaloosa named Spirit, was going to be delivered to our barn tonight. So, we got there early. I took Red out to groom him while I waited, brushed, cuddled and hung out for over an hour with him, then I put him in the stall so he could eat. He ate, I hung out in his stall for awhile. Another hour passed. Then another. Then another.

The people ran out of gas while getting the trailer because they had to get the trailer from a friend. They are really nice people and we know it wasn't on purpose, she was still coming but it started storming and we knew that it would just be awful if we continued. So we moved it to tomorrow. On a good note, I got Red time and played with our "babies" and some dogs. :D

Red: "Maybe if I look innocent she will give me a treat."

Red: "I see a treat! MUST. STRETCH. NECK! Ann! Come closer with that treat!!"

Red: "I got it, all is well. Thanks Ann, you are dismissed."

Why, thank you, Ann. That treat was delightful.

Anywho, enough about treats. I wanted to get a few good pictures to show how HUGE he is getting, so here we go!
Red: "Are you seriously taking more pictures? Put me in my stall, I WANNA EAAAT!"

Look. At. That. Butt. And tail!!! In September he had half of a tail!

I also snapped some pictures of the babies!
I adore this...

Miss Bella.

And Mr. Raven, putting on the pounds after a hard time of transitioning from mama's milk to grain!

Bella, a filly, following Ann, her owner around. Ann started running and Bella took off after her. So sweet!

And of course the bigger horses had to get some attention...



Puppy!!! :D :D Hello, Brewskie!

Well, I'll be posting pictures of Spirit in his new home tomorrow, Lord willing. :))

Til then!