Red's beginning.

A lot of you guys have heard Red's story from the moment that I officially owned him, but you don't know his whole story, his beginning. Red was owned by my aunt, who no longer had the money to take care of him and he ended up with me, but before I get into that, I want to tell you a little about his life before me. He was an ugly little colt who was almost completely bald with awful skin issues, he had a broken tail because he was let loose in a cattle shoot, and he was at some horse sale. My aunt had bought a beautiful, stunning Paint, but the Paint was crazy and she demanded a refund. The paint would chase her kids, rear and buck at them, she was INSANE. The man said he wouldn't refund her money, but he could do a trade. He would give her that colt for her pretty Paint! So she refused, naturally, and took the Paint back home. Well, tried. The paint went crazy in the trailer halfway there, and she drove as fast as she could to the horse sale and once again, demanded a refund. She ended up with that colt, whom is related to Dash for Cash, and also a horse that my mother previously owned. She named the colt Little Red. Well, little Red turned out to be not so little. He matured into a muscular, 15.2 Quarter Horse. Bigger than the majority of her other horses. Little Red still had skin issues and he was losing weight due to the constant itching. Finally, when he was ten years old, she HAD to sell, so my family surprised me by going to FL, our second home, to be honest, and I rode that itchy matured Quarter Horse. I had no clue that my parents were thinking about buying him. But, I fell in love with him. I was told they found him a home and I sobbed for days until I was told that he was mine!! I called him Red since day one, Little Red just didn't fit him. What about him was little??? A few months later, he was brought to Tennessee, where I live, and we started training and rehabilitating this skinny horse. I got him on September 4th, 2012, and now he has gained at LEAST two hundred pounds, his mane, previously an inch long, has grown several inches, you'd never know his tail was broken because it's now long and hairy.

So, Red was a trade, a slightly unfair trade. :) I am so happy that my aunt took that colt in because he turned into the most gorgeous gelding I've ever seen!

My favorite!

Red is in front, on the right.


  1. He looks great now, you have don ea good job with him!

    1. Thanks! :) I'm so happy with his progress!!!! I have very high hopes for our future!