Tack Haul! (Happy Birthday to me!!!)

So, I always browse Craigslist in the mornings as I eat breakfast. This morning I found an ad with tons of tack for $100. Super nice tack. So, I get my step-dad to call the guy and get directions and soon we head out. It was over an hour drive, but it was worth it! We got him to lower the price to $75! Here's my haul:
Leg wraps and girth snap cover.
neoprene girth, with tag still on it.
Second girth.

A cavesson.

Bridle with flower detailed conchos, came with snaffle bit that I plan on putting on Craigslist and trading for a rubber nosed hack.

Western printed white wool pad, super thick. Looks brand new.

Western printed wool pad, super thick. Suede detailing. LOVE this pad!!!

Second bridle, very nice sturdy leather. Has little conchos with clovers engraved. Random clovers engraved in leather.

Second bridle, same as above picture.

New lunge line, still in bag with tag. Never used.

Cowboy rope halter in one of Red's colors. :D

Sorry for blurry pic! Another rope halter with lead. Also in one of Red's colors! :D

This is technically my early birthday present because my parents paid. :) My birthday is on the 14th of May, so it's close enough! :D So excited!