How to train a wild horse.

Well, not really wild. In this case, it's a bratty miniature horse who enjoys biting!

That's right, I began training Cowboy today! He's only had a blanket on him once, maybe twice at the most, and that's been quite awhile, so while my sister and her four kids, and mom, were outside and Cowboy was out grazing, I decided to start back up and officially start his training as the warm weather begins.

We don't have a blanket for him yet because we haven't needed one, so I just used one of my over-sized sweaters that I was wearing. I sat down on the ground with it in my lap and eventually he walked over to me to inspect that green thing that was in my lap, he sniffed it, nipped it, then continued grazing. So, then, I took the sweater and put it in front of his face and lightly rubbed it against his neck. He turned to bite me, I grabbed his halter and put the sweater down in front of him, got that gunk out of his eye and made him stand, then, still holding the halter, I attempted to rub the sweater against him again. He nipped. I repeated it. He bucked. I repeated my motions again. He bucked again. I repeated. This went on for about five or six minutes until he finally let me wad the sweater up in a ball and rub it against his back. Then, I spread it out. He bucked. I showed him the sweater. He nipped. I moved the sweater closer to him. He nipped again. I moved it closer. He bucked. I moved it closer. He bucked, I laid it on his back. He settled down. He continued grazing for a few moments, every now and then glancing on his back, then finally he rolled and threw it off, but he had it on for a couple minutes. Good enough, I guess!

After that, he refused to let anyone close. I walked up to him to comfort him a little, and he ran off, head in between his legs. Finally, I caught him again and grabbed his halter and made him settle down. After a couple minutes of holding him there and talking to him, I let him back off to graze. I ended up getting a scratch on my hand from him going nuts, but other than that, it was a painless experience. :)

One of the kids tried to run up to him-We're still teaching them horse safety!-and he ran as fast as his tiny legs would allow!

Cowboy does not enjoy training!

He finally found a peaceful place near his favorite human, AKA my mom!

And then mom surprised him by clipping a lead on him and walking him back to his stall for dinner....he wasn't pleased at the sight of a lead, but soon perked up when he saw his grain.

I didn't get to visit the Redman today, no time. :( I'm hoping to go out and train/ride every other day starting this Summer....As y'all know I have to have a ride, and my mom said she'd start dropping me off now that she trusts Red and I to be safe alone. :)) So, look forward to that. I plan on using trot poles to improve Red's gait soon.