J-Justice & Day 10 of 30 day challenge!

Today is day 10 of the 3 day challenge! Only 20 more days! :D Also, today we'll be talking about J-Justice. :) Yep, Justice. The letter "J" was really hard to bend a post around! There aren't a lot of horse related things that start with J.......

So, today I'll be talking about a horse named Northstar who deserves to be brought to justice. (Read more about Northstar as his journey continues right here.

When he was first brought in.
Northstar, a beautiful brown and white horse, was intentionally set on fire by unknown people. The owners found him laying there near death, completely burnt and in pain. They took him to a wonderful animal hospital, where he was taken care of well. He's had multiple skin grafts done and is just now beginning to act normal again. He is a young horse, younger than 10 years old.

One week after.

After skin grafts.
Looking better.
His back right after the fire.
Weeks and weeks after.

The most recent pics from 3/28/2013

 Northstar still needs donations and etc, and he deserves to be brought to justice! Please visit his facebook page and give it a like. :) https://www.facebook.com/NorthstarEquineFoundationInc?fref=ts

Next, today is day 10 of the 30 day challenge and I'm supposed to talk about how my friends/family support my riding!

My mom supports it 100%, she used to barrel race and etc and grew up with horses. She loves them just as much as I do and LOVES that I'm riding!

Mom's old horse Go Cash Go, he is related to Red!
Mom riding her old horse Snickers bareback with my older brother in front of her when he was a baby! Chris, now in his mid 20's, loves horses as well. :) :)
 My father & step-father are also very supportive! My father doesn't ride, but does like them, and my step-father hasn't ridden a horse in YEARS, but adores Red and we plan on getting him on Red very shortly!
My friends really aren't a huge part of it, sadly, other than my barn friends, and two of my sisters hate my "obsession." But other than that, everyone is very supportive!


  1. OMG, those pictures are gruesome. Poor thing, that's just awful.

    1. It's so terrible. I was thinking about not posting the pictures and just posting the link because of the graphicness, but I decided to go ahead, hopefully I haven't scarred anyone! :P