Why don't we just dance?

As you probably noticed, the blog background changed, I added a poll and a cute little button on the side of the blog... :) I got the background and little button from "ShabbyBlogs.com" which is a MUST see (free) website for you bloggers!!! They have such cute stuff. Backgrounds, headers, buttons, blinkies, etc etc etc. I was going to change my header but decided I liked my current one. :)

We went riding a couple days ago with a friend from the barn and her Appaloosa, Patches, and me and mom doubled for awhile, then I took over while she just hung out with us. :) We went through the majority of long trails around the farm and then trotted around the biggest open pasture. The farm is hidden behind a big subdivision (You'd NEVER guess that there was a huge horse farm there!) and since it was so pretty tons of kids and their parents were outside and saw us ride. We got a few, "PRETTY HORSEYS!" from the kids and a few barks from a couple dogs, but the horses took it in stride and kept on truckin'. :) Red did SO wonderful, a little stubborn at the start when he saw Patches (The Appaloosa) start side-stepping in front of him when we were going down a hill leading to the trails, so he started stepping to the side and acting like a crazy man, but then he settled down and did 100% wonderful the rest of the way. A few branches had fallen and I used it as a way to see what he'd do, and he kind of hopped over the big branches and just stepped away from the little ones. When we were tacking him up in his stall we saw a couple places where it looked like his hair was coming off in patches (Not normal shedding) and we're a little worried that he's starting to revert back to his old ways and he's going to have some hair loss. There's nothing wrong with him health wise, and he's getting very nice feed, so it's just allergies if anything. I'm hoping it's nothing. I'm not overly concerned with it. I'll keep ya posted. :)

Every time we go out to ride we normally head to the smaller pasture right behind the owner of the lands house and ride around it for awhile to warm up a little and just have fun before hitting the trails and heading off (the pasture is 4 acres) and the man has been playing music as of lately, which I love, and so when my mom got off of Red to let me ride by myself for a little while, she yelled over to him and said, "Turn the music up!" and he turned it up really loud and started playing Elvis, which is a favorite of mine. :) I love riding to music, it really helps me get into a rhythm. One of my favorite songs to ride to is "Why Don't We Just Dance" by Josh Turner. I just love his music. :) 

Red's expression here just cracks me up! Lol! And I think my eyes are closed!
 I really couldn't get super great pictures because I was constantly ON him, and for safety reasons I don't really like taking pictures while I'm behind the saddle and gripping the back of it. :)) The only time I really get any pictures is when mom can get off and take some for me. The pictures with his ears in the front are clumsily taken by me when I was on the back of the saddle and we were going slower.

Notice Patches in a trot and Red lagging behind like, "I don't wanna mooooooveee, Ma!!!!"
Red looks little here....Don't be fooled, he is a large Quarter Horse and I am a tall person. Lol!

After every ride I always spend time with him and the other horses (mostly him though, hahaha!) wherever he is after we ride. This time I put him in his stall so he could eat some supper and I went in there after cooling him off and gave him a few treats and just snuggled with him for awhile. He has officially learned the "kissing" trick and now every time I say "Kiss" and make a kissing sound he puts his nose to my mouth and then looks for treats. Lol! After about thirty or more minutes with him in the stall, I walked out and talked with the friend we rode with, mom, and the farm owner and his friend that was visiting. I just hung out in front of Red's stall door and stroked his face for about three minutes through the door, I look over at him and he's asleep. SO ADORABLE!!! He LOVES to be stroked on the face really soft, and it calms him down every time. :) :) Mom tried to do it the other day and it didn't work, but when I did it he was like, "Oh man I love you!" lol! I guess I have the touch? 

I hung out with the mustang after that and we got him to "smile" :)) He is the most affectionate and sweet horse! He licks like crazy! :)) He loves mints and we kept giving him mints to try and get him to smile. :)) After that I talked to Patches, then we had to leave. :( We were there for hours though. Haha!

 Sadly I didn't get a picture of the mustang smiling... Next time! :)

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