Haven't posted in forever.

I am truly a bad horse blogger. :)) The weather got pretty yucky after the last time I rode and my mom's birthday was this past Saturday, we've just been so busy. We haven't had time to actually spend a lot of time at the barn, and when we have, it's been NASTY outside. It's snowing right now,  and it rained HARD all day yesterday. I've felt awful due to a new medication I tried, but I'm not using it anymore because of how bad it made me feel...not worth it.

Red's doing super great! :) I'm a tad nervous about the Summer because I really don't want his skin to turn back again. I think he'll be fine, and even if he looks rough again in the Summer, I'll still love him to death, I just hate the idea of him turning backwards after he has come SOOOO far!!! He really doesn't look like the same animal anymore. His color is brighter, his mane/forelock is longer, his tail looks SO much better, he has NO scabs at all other than a couple from playing with the other horses, and he looks amazing!!! He has a scar on his back from a fight with one of the horses from the first time he met the "alpha" of the barn, but it's healing really well and it looks like some hair is growing there. Yay! :) :) Him and the horse still don't get along great, but they made peace and no longer fight. Red still has his two "girlfriends" and those are HIS. :)) There are two mares, a Buckskin named Dixie who is about 22 years old, and a Bay named Bay-Bay who's probably Red's age, that stay with him. It's really cute. He has his own little herd. :) My boy's growin' up! :)) :))

Cowboy, our new mini, has two spots we just found recently. Looks like we're going to have an Appaloosa. :D I'm so excited! Sometime this Summer I'll start his training and begin teaching him how to jump and etc so I can show him later on. :) I doubt I'll ever show Red just because I enjoy trail riding so much, and Red just isn't a show horse. I don't think either of us would enjoy it all that much.

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