FINALLY! A post!

Just realized I haven't posted in forever! :) Time for a fun post!!!

This past Sunday we went on a long ride. We got the other horses out of this big, clear, open pasture and closed the gate (They have about 35 acres of pasture and even more trails left to roam around in, so they weren't stuck, rofl!) and tacked up Red, then just took off. We trotted around and worked on stopping-Sounds silly but Red needs to improve on listening to me when I tell him to stop. :)) We worked on a lot of stuff. Mom stayed down at the barn for the most part and so it was just me and Red for most of the time. It was great!


It was easily the best ride we've ever had together-So much fun. The guy who owns the land and lives on it was playing really fun music outside, too, so we had music to ride to! Lol!

A few months back (Before I even got Red) I did a questionnaire thing and thought I'd do it again just to see how things have changed!!! You can find my original post here. 

1. What’s your favourite breed? Quarter horse.
2. Favourite colour/coat pattern? Bays, any paint pattern, roans, Appaloosa patterns...
3. What discipline would you like to try? Barrel racing!
4. Favourite memory with your horse/Fave horse? When Red walked up to me and wrapped his head around my waist the first time-He does it every time he sees me now. :)
5. Worst fall? I've never fell (So far, lol) but Red has run me into quite a few bushes and trees. ;)
6. Bad riding habits? Not keeping my heels down.
7.A breed you would like to work with? Quarters. I'd LOVE to work with Mustangs and Appaloosa's. Any kind of wild horse. :)
 8.What are you’re equine goals? Barrel race and do stuff in Rodeos. Maybe show some, but nothing serious.
9. Equine pet peeves? Stuck-up riders.
10.Favourite tack brand? Weaver is great...But as long as it does it's job, I don't care.
11. Least favourite breed? WOW. Hard!! Um..........I really don't have one! I'm not a huge fan of ponies...
12. Last time you rode & what did you do ?  I rode less than a week ago in a huge pasture and trotted around, just me and Red. Just a peaceful ride. :)
13.Do you have a good connection with the people at your barn? YES!! They are such wonderful people, we are great friends with them and I wouldn't change the barn I board at for anything-It's just a group of friends that wanted more horses there so they decided to let one person board. It's 3 miles away, too. :) Just a bunch of land, a barn, and a round pen, a few horses and amazing people who care so much for the animals!!!
14.How long have you been riding?
Hmmmm..I've rode off and on, but I've seriously rode for a few months now.
15.How many trainers have you had?
Well, I have my mom and a few horse friends, haha! Not really trainers.
16.Have horses always been part of your life? Yes! For sure.
17. Are you a jealous rider? Not really. :)
18.Last time you rode bareback?
A couple months ago. I'll do it more later on once I get better! :) :)
19.Last time you fell off? Never.
20.have you ever ridden a draft horse? Nope. I'd love to, though.
21.Favourite equine sport?
Barrel racing. Anything rodeo.
22.Do you help out at your barn?
Of course!!! I chose to have a horse, I should be as responsible for him as possible!!!!
23. Have horses affected your life?
Yeah, definitely. I'm always a lot calmer around them. While I'm not the "Get into trouble for fun" type of girl, I think that they have and will probably keep me out of bad things, too. They, to me, are that thing I can always count on. Can't count on people all the time. :) They've helped me through so many bad times with my father and brother.
24.What are you currently riding?
My Bay Quarter Horse, Red. :)

If ya'll have any questions you want to add, feel free to comment in the box below and I will reply to you as soon as I see it! (So probably right after you send it, haha!)

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