Thought I'd do another Q&A. I was hoping to make it to the barn today, but we randomly heard that we had company in from out of town and they are visiting..Maybe tomorrow. :) I may still make it, but I doubt it! :P

•Your horses name: Cash's Steppin' Up or Red.
•Discipline: Western!
•Bad habits: He's stubborn!!! When he sees the barn he's starts running towards it.
•Markings: White star, white snip, and a small stripe. He used to only have a small white star, but he's changed! Haha! So odd!!
•Gender: Gelding
•Age: 10 or 11.
•Breed: Quarter Horse
•Favorite Treats: Apples, apple cookies from Tractor Supply. :)
•Buck?: Nope!
•Rear?: Nope!
•Jump?: He would if I asked him, but no.
•Load easily?: Normally he does. Sometimes he's a little stubborn, but his last REAL trailer ride was from Florida to Tennessee, that's a long drive!
•Halter color: It's nylon. It's green and purple. :) It has the word "Sunday" on it. :) It was my mom's old halter from her old horse, Cash. (Yes they are from the same bloodline, yes they are related to Dash for Cash.)
•Lead color: Burgundy, green and tan.
•Lunge well?: Yep.
•Good manners?: Yes!!!
•Bite: No, he sucks on my hand, but no biting. Hahaha! He's a strange one.
•Good w/ kids: YES! He lets them hang all over him!
•Good w/ strangers: Yep!
•Pampered: Of course!
•Loves what he does?: Absolutely. I wouldn’t make him do it if he didn’t!
 What’s your favourite breed? Quarter Horses, OTTB, Appaloosa's, Gypsy Vanner's, Morgans are okay..I LOVEEE Mustangs!
Favourite colour/coat pattern? Hmmm, Bay's, solid black, roans, greys, flea-bitten greys, any Appaloosa or Paint patterns.
What discipline would you like to try? I'd like to barrel race. Maybe try out some English riding.
Favourite memory with your horse/Fave horse? Everyday I make a new one with Red! ♥ My over all favorite would have to be when mom and I were waiting for that huge trailer to pull up in our neighbors driveway (They had to park it there because our driveway is too steep.) in the night, carrying flashlights, his new halter and lead. My neighbors were outside waiting to see this horse I've told them sooo much about, and finally it pulls up and my gorgeous Quarter Horse walks out! He saw me and nickered and I hugged him around his neck and knew we would be best friends! :) He looked rough from the bugs in Florida, but my neighbors aw'ed over him and I loved him to death, just like I do now!
Bad riding habits?My toes go down. :P
A breed you would like to work with?Quarter Horses and OTTB's. :) And MUSTANGS!!!! Wild mustangs. :)
What are you’re equine goals? I'd love to work at a horse rescue like one that is here in TN. They take wild or abused horses and pair them with military veterans with PTSD. :)
Equine pet peeves? People who take their horses for granted. The stuck up Equestrians that think everyone is wrong but them.
Least favourite breed? I'm not huge on any type of pony.
Last time you rode & what did you do? Trail rode with a friend and my mom for a couple hours, went through trails and trotted around huge pastures. :) Hung out some and just took it easy! :)
How long have you been riding? Well, when I was little I rode my aunts horses when I was in Florida and had the chance. I've only seriously been riding for about a year now.How many trainers have you had? None! :) Just my mom and horsey friends. :) :)
.Have horses always been part of your life? Yes!!!
Are you a jealous rider? No. If I fall short of someone else I just make myself better. And I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how much your horse cost, you can make anything look like a million dollars if you work hard enough.
Last time you rode bareback? A couple months back. I plan on riding that way more this Spring.
.have you ever ridden a draft horse?No, but I'd love to!
.Favourite equine sport? Anything they'd do in a rodeo! :)
Do you help out at your barn?Of course. Any way I can!!!
 Have horses affected your life?I have AWFUL anxiety issues, and they help me to get through that so much.
.What are you currently riding? My horse Red, a full blooded Quarter Horse. :) He's about 15.1 HH.

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