Fly Veils.

Yesterday we went tack shopping at a horse rescue that sells donated tack. The money goes to the rescue horses, and it's just a nice little thing. :) I bought a bridle, reins, two fly veils, a crop and a halter. :) All for under $40. :) Today we rode in the 70 degree weather. We snuck away from the other horses and took Red out to the ten acre pasture first, and doubled with mom for awhile, I sat behind the saddle, she "steered" haha! After an hour we went into the four acre pasture and I rode by myself for about thirty minutes. Some guy was at the fruit and berry patch next to the pasture and he goes, "Nice looking horse! Y'all look good together!" and I was like, yep. I know it. Rofl! Joking, of course. :) I said thank you and started trotting towards the round pen to get the tack off and cool off Red. The lady who has some horses at the barn who we ride with a lot had just gotten there and was about to saddle up one of her horses, Tucker, so we walked in the barn for awhile. I hung out with Red in the round pen for a few minutes before that and took the rolling and yawning pictures. Hahaha! He followed me around the pen and I gave him a few treats. :) Fun day!

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