The Red-man.

Raven, Lady, Dixie.


Me and Red!




Me and Red!

Love this pic of Red!!!

We hung out at the barn for awhile today, but I plan on riding tomorrow. :)

Red is shedding quite a bit, but his skin still looks great! :) Yay! He was being super sweet, as per usual. Ran up to me and wraps his head around my waist, then I leaned down to check his hooves, I clucked my tongue and reached down for his leg, and before I had a chance to pick his leg up, he did it for me. Haha! Smart dude!!  Once I was done with his hooves, I stroked his face really lightly like he loves and he soon was almost asleep. Haha! :) I'll post pictures tomorrow when I ride. :) Also, I'll be adding a different poll soon, so keep your eyes out!

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