So, as some of y'all who follow my other blog (Modestyismypolicy.blogspot.com) know, my sister who is also a professional photographer took some pictures for me this past Saturday. She's only edited a few so far, so here are the few I have right now:

We did a lot of bareback pictures, and I even wore a super long western skirt for the first few, then hit the trails and wore my jeans. :) I was riding bareback most of the time, which is so much fun! I haven't been able to ride bareback in awhile. I love it. :) Red did so amazing! My sister brought her two one year old twins (Girl and boy), her five year old son and her six year old son. Her two oldest sons took little rides on Red and LOVED it, as did Red. Red kept putting his head on the stroller and letting the babies say hi. :) :) he is such a sweetie! He also adored the camera reflector and kept trying to lick and eat it. Ha! As I was grooming him, he kept wrapping his head around mine and held me there. Love him!!! 

I'll upload more as soon as I get them, hopefully I'll get more tonight. :)