Bad days.

Well, today has been rough. Just a hard day. It's gotten better in the last couple hours, but man, the start of the day was just rough.

My birth father (Not to be confused with Jeff, my step-dad) has had a hard life, but he's brought it upon himself. I've never been able to have a good relationship with him due to a lot of stuff, and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful father figure like Jeff. I've been in contact with him. I text him almost every day, but I haven't seen him in person in a few months. Well, today I saw him. Let me tell you, he looks pretty bad, and it made me want to cry. The day had already been slightly awful, and this was the icing on the cake! After I saw him, I was just torn up inside. We (My step-dad, mom and little bro) went to Tractor Supply to get some stuff for our animals and after that they took me to the barn that I board Red (My quarter horse) at. I was in desperate need for some "Horsey therapy" as I call it, so they sweetly took me even though the weather was cold and mom HATES the cold weather, haha! I got out of the van, said hi to the two colts and filly, then went out to find my Redhead. He saw me and abandoned his "girlfriend" and ran straight to me. Keep in mind, Red is fairly hard to catch, especially when he's with his favorite mare!! He doesn't do this very often. He follows me to his stall so we can feed him, and I walked in with him. He wraps his head around me (Which he does all the time) and holds me there, then, I sit on the ground on the stall and he starts nudging my hat and putting his nose to my face (Which is his way of "kissing") and acted so loving!

I was so happy to be able to get out and see him today, along with the other horses at the barn. :)

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