You know you are an Equestrian when....(Challenge 27)

Challenge 27 is in the title! :D

You know you are an Equestrian when: (list five things)
1. You walk into a store, get REALLY weird looks, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize you have a terrible case of what I like to call bareback butt. (AKA TONS of mud, fur, hay and pretty much everything else that a horse would have on them on the back of your jeans.)
2. When you are with a bunch of friends, reach into your pocket, pull out some horse treats you forgot were in there and slowly shove them back in so your friends (who think you are WAY too horse obsessed) don't see.
3. All you think about are horses.
4. You can be having the worst day and just the thought of your horse makes your day better!!!
5. Last but not least-When someone says something bad about you and your horse, you stand up for your horse first and yourself last.

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