Challenge twenty-five.

I think we are on 25.. :) Today's thingy is: "Biggest riding pet peeve." I wasn't sure if it is referring to my biggest pet peeve with my horse, with myself, or with other people, so I'll post all 3. :D

1. My biggest pet peeve with Red while riding is that he will take off running towards the barn when he thinks he can get away with it. :P Hence why I carry a crop. :))

2. My biggest pet peeve with myself is that my HEELS JUST WON'T STAY DOWN. :))

3. My biggest pet peeve with people is probably when they over-use the crop or spur, and when they over-work the horse. Or when their reins are too tight. :P

Here's me riding my new "horse." What? I haven't been able to ride in over a week, desperate times call for desperate measures, yall. :D :D

I am riding on Tuesday rain or shine, so I'll try to post pics afterwards if I get a chance to take them. I fully intend to tack up quickly and ride for as long as I can, so... :) I'm sure I'll snap a couple. I'll try to get a video, too, of me riding Red if ya'll want! :)


  1. YESS!!! Post a video! Please? I'll try and post one tonight if I can ride :)

    1. I will try to remember to get my mom to take one!!! :) Hopefully the round pen won't be too muddy and I'll be able to ride a little in there before I hit the trails..Mom and I always double on the trails but I like to ride in the round pen for a few minutes beforehand. :) Red does a lot better and so do I.

  2. I didn't get a chance to ride tonight :( I forgot my helmet in the truck and the truck's not here right now :( So tomorrow :) I need like 5 extra helmets laying around so I always have one.