Challenge 28/29 and a nice, long post!

Missed last night's challenge! Sorry!! We went out riding and one of my many sisters were visiting, so we had to take her home fairly late last night. :) I just didn't have time. :P I have a physical tomorrow that I'm stressing about (I have to have bloodwork done and I HATE NEEDDDDDLEEESSS!) but I should be able to post tomorrow. :P :P

Anyways, we went riding yesterday evening as I had stated before and had a super good ride. I stayed in the round pen and rode with Red, I know, doesn't sound very exciting! But I haven't gotten a lot of one on one time with him as of late because it's just been SO cold and hard to get out to the barn. Mom and the other barn people talked amongst themselves while I rode alone and it was really, really good. Red was being really stubborn, and I was worried about a bite that he had on his hind leg (Just a bite from another horse, no biggie.) because it felt a little swollen, so we walked him around a few times and made sure he was fine to ride, once we were sure he was okay we tacked up and I mounted, he never had a single problem other than his usual stubbornness.

I got him going pretty easy, and he stayed at a fast walk for awhile, but he was starting to want to go and see the people at the other side of the pen and I had to grab my crop, he saw it and as usual broke into a trot and was fine, no stubbornness. A few literal pats on his butt with the crop and he never acted up again. Normally all I have to do is swat his bottom with my hand lightly and he's ready to go, but he really wanted to see everyone. :))

Once we were done (After about an hour of pretty easy riding, just walking and talking for the most part.) we got all his tack off and I cooled him off while my sweet mom went and put the tack away for me and talked to the other barn people some more while Red and I had some more alone time. :D I grabbed a few treats (Totally forgot to bring the apple I meant to grab at home, shoot!!) and gave him a couple, and so the video above happened. :)) He will follow me without a treat, I just so happened to have a few and so he followed me for them. ;)) Earlier, he was literally running after me (Playfully of course.) but we didn't get it on video. :(

Probably my favorite picture like ever. :)) I was almost laying on his back, saw mom taking a picture sneakily and I immediately had to strike one of my famous Kalin poses. :)) Poor Red, he has to go through so much. Lol!!! Look at him, he is seriously the best horse ever, let's me sprawl all over him and couldn't care less. <3 <3

Not the best picture, but thought it was post-worthy! His hind legs look so muscular!


We trimmed his mane up a little. :) :) I LOVE long manes and hate it when people cut the mane and forelocks, but he had some burnt edges from the sun and it looked pretty bad. :P His mane is growing REALLY well though, when I first got him it wouldn't even lay down.

Weeee! Action shot!

Two of the three babies. :) Bella the Buckskin, (TWH) and Trigger the Palomino. (Also a TWH)


"Mom, do we HAVE to ride???"

I look SUPER awkward here.

Clementine the farm doggy!
Now onto the challenges!!!

1. Helmet or no helmet? I personally do not use a helmet, and before I continue, don't comment and start "yelling" at me for not wearing one. :) I'm over the law age limit, and it's a free country. Rofl!! I realize that anything could happen and I could EASILY get hurt or thrown, but I just don't like them. They annoy me and they bother me like crazy. My mom lived her whole life with horses (Doing some pretty crazy riding on some SUPER crazy horses, she was insane.) without a helmet, and as did a lot of other family. It's just my choice, but I do think that children should HAVE to wear a helmet when they are little and when you just don't trust a horse etc.
2. Favorite brands. I love Ariats. :)

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