Challenge 30: My future with horses.

sorry I haven't posted in awhile, ya'll.. We've all had a stomach bug and we are finally starting to get over it.

Day before yesterday I had a physical, got blood work done and turns out I have high blood pressure, which is possibly one of the reasons behind my almost constant headaches. Doc didn't seem too worried, so I'm not either. I got sick that day, right after we practically ran to the barn because the farrier was out. I was feeling pretty nauseous then and knew I was probably sick, but Red HAD to get his hooves trimmed and I HAD to pay the farrier. Red had a little bit of thrush but the farrier got it taken care of easily, so no prob there. My step-dad (who came with me because my baby brother had gotten sick first and so she went home to take care of him and my non horse-y stepdad went with me. Lol!) wanted to see one of the horse's being shoed, so I went into Red's stall and brushed him out and kind of rested on him while I was feeling bad. Thank the good Lord for sweet horses that let me use them as chairs. :))

I 100% hope that my future with horses is bright. I never want them to not be in my life. :) I'd love to work with under privileged kids and/or veterans and teach them to ride. :)

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